Step 2: Soldering is fun!

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Well the next thing to do is solder the wires to the VGA connectors you bought. The best connectors are male ones. But my local radioshack didn't have em, so he sold me the female ones with an male-male adapter. As long as it works i say! The connector have got the pin numbers on the solderside, and with the help of a scheme i stole from http://www.geocities.com/dougburbidge/vgaovercat5.html i can solder the right wires to it. Note that im not using an RJ45 connector as shown on the illustration, thats not necessary in my application (very awsome home cinema set).
Just solder the shown colors to the right pins. Good luck with the bridge for pins 5, 10 and 8, naah it's not really that hard =)
daleruisky2 years ago
Great Instructable!! Helped a ton. I made a 35ft. cable for a projector mounted on the ceiling. No problem with the image quality whatsoever. Thanks again!
I made a 100+ foot one of these for connecting our church computer to our beamer...and so far every computer I have used, laptop or desktop has worked perfectly. Would recommend to anyone.
NatDaGamer3 years ago
Great Instructable man! Helped a lot, and save me a few pennies as well. Needed a long enough lead to hook up my projector, and now I have one! In regards to bridging the connections, I found using some bare wire in each terminal 5, 8 and 10 all joined together and then soldering the blue dotted cable the easiest way to bridge the connections. :)
junbata3 years ago
Halo ! I am new here.. I have a question? May be you can help me. I want to control may LCD monitor through cutting of one of the pin of D-sub cable and not the Power source. (To Avoid damaged).
May purpose to this is to Always run the CPU and only Blank the screen if nobody used or force to blank screen to stop the user.

NOTE : I will used relay to ON/OFF this LCD by separate control. Through opening of contact of 1 of the 15 pins.
my problem is I dont know which pins is i will going to control OFF/ON.

Hoping for your future answer..
Thanks !

Zigster0075 years ago
 I just did this, I bought the D-Sub Connector and Connector Hood from RadioShack. They already have solder terminals on them. So far i have tried a 50ft cat5e and it works perfectly, i also tried a 300ft cat5e and it did not work. So obviously somewhere in between is the limiter. But for any normal household 50ft should be enough distance to go from one side of the house to the other. 
CrudeBuster5 years ago
The scheme lacks the DDC wires, the video board won't be able to detect which monitor type is attached. But its a good idea nevertheless, I was about to do it but I needed the DDC signals, or else Windows don't let me use some resolutions, and some hacking through settings would be necessary.

Too much ado for a simple extender, for me, but it's useful for a lot of people, kudos to you.

will it damage the source of the video if ever i got troubles on connecting the wires (inverted wire connection)?
redhat116 years ago
can i directly use cat5 to connect the vga port directly to vga port?

means vga port - cat5 - vga port
mlandgraaf (author)  redhat116 years ago
Sure, if you're good with soldering it wouldn't do harm