Step 3: Adding Sugru

Picture of Adding Sugru
Sugru is a material which is extremely durable, flexible, waterproof and best of all, easy to clean! These properties combined make Sugru a great material to make a shoe out of.

Begin by putting the toe-sock on your foot. It should fit snugly, just like any other normal sock. Open your packs of Sugru and kneed them together in order to create a ball of material.
***NOTE: It may be very beneficial to visit Sugru's website to learn how to properly use Sugru and open the package*** 
Start at the heel of your foot and add material approximately 2mm thick. The Sugru should mold nicely to the meshing of the socks. Surround the ball of the heel of your foot to increase support.

Continue to add Sugru to the bottom of the foot until you reach your toes. In order to prevent your toes from sticking together, cut small strips of wax paper (or strip of tape with soapy water) and place the strips in between each toe. Add Sugru around each toe (enough to encase each toe).
pyrobanana3 years ago
how many sugru packets did it take per foot?