Step 9: Desired improvements

1. Make the plastic parts in one piece using an injection molder. I know that there are services like Proto-Mold that will do small injection-mold runs, but I don't want to spend a lot of money, and would like to play with the injection molder myself. Anyone here in the San Francisco Bay Area have an injection molder that will accommodate a food-safe plastic?

2. I've added a three-way wye valve that will allow me to switch between two bottles with a twist of a knob while pedalling hard. I'm using this most excellent nalgene stopcock but it's very expensive. Anyone know of a similar food-safe product at a more reasonable price?

3. Make it easier to pour powders and squirt gels into the bottles . . . the small opening compared to ordinary bike water bottles is a disadvantage.

4. Find cheap replacements or less expensive sources for the pricier components.