Step 3: Digg a hole

Put a hole on the upper side of your almost finished bookmark.
I used a screwdriver for the hole and widened it with the tip of a scissor.
Really cool idea!
Where can i get said sticker?
<tt>most&nbsp;likely&nbsp;they won it from a contest...</tt>
or if not so lucky you can make it DIY in Photoshop, and the printed...I do it all the time ( not with this specific sticker)
Nice. very practical and useful idea. :)
i just use an elastic =)<br/>
I made one with this little slim calculator that came free with a pack of biros and I stuck the calculator onto the ruler(in a way so That I could still use the ruler properly)Then poked a hole (reeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllyyyy slowly) using the point of a compass. I use this bookmark for maths class! REALLY COOL INSTRUCTIBLE!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!
Fantastic! For another similar bookmark, visit this site.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.creativeorigins.blogspot.com">http://www.creativeorigins.blogspot.com</a><br/>
Very, very clever!
where do you get the stickers
I got them directly from intructables.com, because one of my instructable (the horse radish) was featured in the newsletter. Thanks again to the team...
Well done!
I like how simple this is, along with you using the Instructables sticker. Nice Job!
EXCELLENT!<br/><br/>There are an electronic version? <strong>;)</strong><br/>
This is genius!
How do I rate this, i give it a 3 stars for being simple.
I believe that is "Proof" ;D Very nice! Excellent pictures! 4/5 stars I hate when I lose my spot in my book...
Of course it is proof. I should go to bed - now. Thanks for the hint.
:D No problem!
Nice- simple and ingenious.Good pictures as well, and top marks for using the Instructables sticker :)

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