Make your own bookmark (fall-on-the-floor-proof)

Picture of Make your own bookmark (fall-on-the-floor-proof)
Build your own (offline) Bookmark for you, your friend for mother's day or everything else you can think of.

This bookmark will hold your book together, will spare your book and will not fall out, if your book falls onto the floor.
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Step 1: Supllies

Picture of Supllies
2008-08-17 IMG_3091.jpg
2008-08-17 IMG_3097.jpg
What you need is:

  • some cardboard, a ruler, anythig you can get a hole in and you want to use as bookmark. (I used a cardboard with a printed-on ruler, you never know, when you can need a ruler.) or you cann follow this Instructable.
  • rubber band or elastic thread
  • a scissor, drill, or a hole puncher
  • a book you read and which you can bookmark with your new bookmark
  • optional: duct tape
  • not optional but mandatory: instructable sticker

Step 2: Prepare the cardboard

Picture of prepare the cardboard
You can glue wallpaper on your cardboard or just print the motive you like onto stiff cardboard. Or you cann follow this Instructable. I just used duct tape to cover the advertisement on my cardboard (size and form fitted my expectations already). And finished the "design" with an instructables sticker.

Step 3: Digg a hole

Picture of Digg a hole
Put a hole on the upper side of your almost finished bookmark.
I used a screwdriver for the hole and widened it with the tip of a scissor.

Step 4: Fill it up.

Picture of Fill it up.
2008-08-17 IMG_3096.jpg
2008-08-17 IMG_3097.jpg
Thread the elastic through the hole. It should have double the length of your bookmark.
Go round the bookmark with the rubber band and knot bot ends together.
Cut the overlaying piece of thread.

Step 5: Use it.

Picture of Use it.
2008-08-17 IMG_3099.jpg
2008-08-17 IMG_3100.jpg
2008-08-17 IMG_3101.jpg
2008-08-17 IMG_3102.jpg
2008-08-17 IMG_3103.jpg
Use your bookmark. Lay it into your book, let the elastic hang out. Close the book, and put the rubber band around the closed book. That's it.
Easy, simple but effective.

Have fun with it. And rate and comment. Also I would be pleased to see your designs.