Make Your Own Boomerang





Introduction: Make Your Own Boomerang


Instamorph Moldable Plastic

  • Boomerang pattern
  • scissors
  • Microwave safe dish

Step 1: Find a Pattern

We used this pattern in order to shape our boomerangs correctly but there are several available online.

Step 2: Prepare Instamorph

Put your instamoroph beads in a microwave safe dish and cover them with water.

Heat in the microwave in 30 second intervals until beads are clear and sticking together.

Once heated carefully remove the instamorph from the water and flatten into a thin square.

Step 3: Trace and Cut Out Boomerang

We used a washable marker to then trace the boomerang pattern on the flattened instamorph so that we could cut it out using an x-acto knife (scissors may be used as well).

Step 4: Reheat and Smooth Edges

Reheat your dish of water and then, dipping the edges of the instamorph boomerang in the water to reheat it, gently smooth the edges with your fingers.

Take outside and enjoy!



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Does it work?

Not as well as a professionally manufactured boomerang, but for a kids entertainment, most definitely!

I also think the more time you spent on perfecting it the better it would work.