Picture of Make your own camera monopod with a bottle-cork
This tutorial is so easy to do and also very cheap. All you need to success is a 6mm long tripod screw (1/4") and a bottle-cork. IMPORTANT. You need to have the exakt thread on the screw for this purpose or you will destroy your cameras thread. If you are unsure, bring your camera to the store.

I bought my screw in the hardware-store for around 0.30$.
You also need a drill with a 5.5mm diameter size. 6mm might also work.
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Step 1: Drill a hole in the bottle-cork

Picture of Drill a hole in the bottle-cork
Start by using your drill and make a hole in the center of your cork.

Step 2: Insert the screw

Picture of Insert the screw
Screw on the screw from tha backside of the cork. Screw it all through the cork so that the screwhead (funny word for a swedish guy like me) meets the surface of the cork. I used a kitchenknife but a screwdriver would be more preferable (not needed thou).

Step 3: Attach the bottle-cork to the camera

Picture of Attach the bottle-cork to the camera
Now when the camerascrew and the bottle-cork has turned into one part, attach it to the cameras thread.
Fill the bottle with some water to make it steady an you're done!

Good luck
Please visit www.hobbyman.se for more tips (in swedish)