Easy fun way to make your own claws!

Step 1: You Need

You need molding wax, a paint brush, and colors that will match whatever claws you might make. I'm making werewolf claws so I decided my zombie dirt (light brown and dark brown powder) would do the trick.

Step 2: First

grab a little bit of wax and roll it into a ball. you're going too want to play with it to soften it up. if it starts sticking to your hands just apply some lotion.

Step 3: Apply

apply the wax to your nail and remove any access.

Step 4: Shape

go ahead and shape it however you want, I did a pointed look.

Step 5: Last Step

Color how you wish!
I used the light brown to make it look dirty then the dark brown for texture.

Step 6: Done

lookin' sharp! ;)
<p>luv it make eagle claws plz</p>
<p>i wonder ifyou could put this over press on/plastic nails and make this re-appliable...?</p>
This is unique. Can we use modelling clay for this?
<p>I have not tried clay, but I'm sure it would be just fine. </p>
<p>so easy. Thanks</p>
<p>Yes yes. =]</p>
clear nail polish or clear coat would work to keep the shape and color. tacky glue to keep them on.
<p>YesYes. Thank you. </p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
How durable are the nails?
<p>Not very, if you put something on top that will harden around the mold it would be just find though. I just didn't because I wasn't wearing them out. </p>
does it dry to hardness?
<p>You would need to put something on top.</p>
Does it stay on the nails? Anyway, great instructable ?
You have to be careful but it will stay, it's kinda like temporary stick on nails you buy at the store.

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