I recently created a counter top POS (point of sale -- what were you thinking?) for our iPhone case product and made it at Techshop (http://techshop.ws)  The kind that sits next to the register at your local cool design store.  I looked at some cardboard premade ones and thought I could better.  I headed over to TAP Plastics, and reserved a slot on the San Francisco TechShop Epilog Laser cutter and got to work.

Step 1: CAD It Up -- Pick Material

First you need to decide how many items the display should contain, how much counter space you can take up etc. I played around a little with the product to make sure different colors were visible etc.  After your concept design is complete, draw it up in your favorite CAD program.

For the material, I looked through the TAP plastics samples, and decided on the 1/8" P95 acrylic green edge with a haze finish on one side.  It basically looks like sandblasted glass -- pretty slick-looking stuff.  
Could you share the dxf file?
<p>dont know if this is true or not but i heard of a gas station had one of those with mace on it, right next to the register. A bad guy grabbed one and maced the store attendants and then robbed the place. </p>

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