I was hating the way my old bumpers were looking on my 1968 vw bug so I made my own AR15 replacement bumpers!  I was able to create the entire project using the machines and tools at techshop menlo park.  I used the old bumper brackets, 3/16 mild steel, the cnc plasma cutter, corel draw, sandblaster, MIG welder and powder coating system to make these one of a kind bumpers.  

Step 1: Plasma cutting the AR15s out

After creating my file and l uploaded it into the Torchmate software for the CNC plasma.  I then entered all the different settings provided for the amperage and thickness of material into the machine.  Once that was all settled I ran the gcode to ensure my parts would cut out in the correct order.  I then enabled the torch to cut and ran the file.  After everything was all cut out and my parts were cool enough to touch I started in on the removing of slag.
<p>Hello! I work with Plasma cutting machines, and do many drawings plasma and has done very well, I did not like the quality of the Plasma in the AR-15 part, but congratulations is a beautiful design and a great idea. Here's a photo of a cut and assembly I made in High Definition Plasma 30Amps. If anyone wants this drawing in DXF extension, please send an e-mail to erico.rosso@baw.com.br asking for it.</p>
I'm guessing you don't get cut off in traffic!
Can we see pictures of the finished product?
As the new owner of a '75 bug (which I spent the summer remodeling), I'd love to see what these bumpers look like installed! Any plans for hand grenade turn signal covers?;-)

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