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I love Ardunio. I love the things that people make with them and I love to make my own. Last August I published an Instructable on how to make your own postage stamp sized Arduino compatible. This Instructable will show you how to to make a rugged, versatile Ardunio compatible with basic components on board. It will be more suitable for deployment in the real world than a bread board attached to a development board. This video is from the Kickstarter, but you can totally make your own.

This open source hardware project is licensed Creative Commons CC-BY. Part of my philosophy of open source hardware means I don't consider a design released without detailed build instructions. Instructables is my favorite place to release those Instructions.

Why don't I just stick with an Arduino, some shields, a breadboard and components like people usually do?
Take a look through some Arduino projects with LCDs. A lot of those projects are still on breadboards. They do amazing things, but they have some challenges.
  • Delicate connections may not survive long in the real world
  • Hard to move
  • Hard to duplicate
  • Development board is now trapped in the project
  • Your friend wants one, but you don't want to give them something that needs fixing all the time
  • Your Mom looks at it wrong and it breaks. (True story. [Hi Mom!])
How can I solve those problems?
Follow along and you can make your own Arduino Compatible in an enclosure with on board screen, controls, speaker, USB and some other goodies.

Cool, I want to make one! How hard will this be?
This is a somewhat challenging project that involves surface mount soldering. If you ever built an Arduino from components on a bread board or made your own circuit board you probably have all the skills you need. These instructions include all the parts lists and design files you need to create an Arduino compatible board.

I still want one but I'm not sure I have the time or skills.
We have a Kickstarter running until Monday July 2nd, 2012.