In this instructable I will show you how to make custom characters with an application built into Windows. Yeah and stuff.

Beware of the pics that are made in paint. They can be scary.

Step 1: Stuffs You'll Be Needing.

You'll need a computer.

You'll also need this thing called Windows.

Step 2: The Hunt!

Time to track down the character thing!

Ok now this is very risky! OMG we are going to to a system folder. Make sure you only hunt the target and not other things cause you will be arrested. (Don't delete the Appimals!)

Ok hop in your Hummer (My computer) and follow the map below. Once you find the target (eudcedit.eve) SHOOT IT! (open)

Step 3: Make Your Character!

The hunt is over BUT the mission is not complete! Now we have to make the Character! Oh yeah when a box pops up when u first open it just hit ok. So make your font and stuff. There are tools on the side for different effects and stuff. Have fun!

Step 4: Mission Complete!

Like we just made our thing so we wanna use it right? YES! Ok so lets save it! Be careful the file menu is know to be deadly! Click on it! Are you still alive? Ok good! Now go to Font Links. Ok so you pick you path this time. You can either Link it to all fonts or just one. I pick all but thats just me. So if you made up your mind do your stuff and click OK. If it asks you if u want to save it hit yes or ok or something good like that! Ok now open the character map (start>programs>accessorys>system tools>character map). Click the drop down box and find "All Fonts (Private Characters)". There you should find your character. Copy it to the clip board and paste it somewhere. Enjoy your new character and stuff :P
<p>_ thats what it puts in for my character :)</p>
what does linking with fonts mean?<br>
If you link it with all fonts does it replace the fonts with the font you made all the time?
This is so cool five stars
lol, the gun looks almost like a dino bleeding out of the tail <br />
AWWWW!!!! I made a dinosaur!  Rar! Rar! Thanks for the instructable!
Ah man! My dinosaur broke!
cool can i have the peices i want to make something out of it
eheheh girlygirl
your welcome but keep in mind you cant use it in the brower. but in word documents you should be able too.
so, can you past pics that you drew and scanned into your pc into the font proccesor thingy?
instead of going through all that you could just type alt+r and then type in eudcedit into the run input box
lazy way ;)
or you could use that handy tool called... drum roll please... SEARCH
which takes longer than alt r. but I like your avatar, at least.
but...but...but then you wouldn't get to follow the cool map....
yeah..... cool map is cool.
Yay!!! I shot my first letter!!!
lol i made a kitty
it will not work on the internet. only in word and notepad and things like that
® for me!!
well scince you didnt menction at beginin or ininstructable that it cant bee deleted or more than one made i dont like it please be more..whats the word... imformative? �
 this is cool too...
 wtf it dontshow up on the web antything like it?
 its sopposed to me a A wth a face mustache and eyes ect... not too detailed...
Please excuse my bad English im only 14 years old and from Austria (we have NO kangurus in here and we speak german) Good instructable ! How did you find out about that ? Is it possible to create bigger Letters (with more Pixel) ?
umm i dont think but you could try resizing your font in like word or something to see if it gets bigger.
how do you delete a font that you've created?
dunno. it maybe in the fonts folder in the control panel but im not sure.
i like your girly font
me too :)
Great Instructable, grlyfont. How well does the character transfer between machines? That is, will it appear to people who receive email documents or openoffice documents on a another computer as it appears on your own?
um i really dont know? i tried pasting it into a a brower and it came up as a ?. maybe it will work in a word document or something. if you wanna try it out and report back that would be cool :)
The person recieving a document needs to font installed. Some programs offer font inclusion or converting fonts to curves to avoid problems.
thanks for the info schorhr
omg lol
i try
o dear!!
Good instructable, I like your style.
thanks :)
To save some time (instead of digging through the folders), you can just type the program name in the run dialog (Windows Key+R).
Yes but that takes away from the mission you are on to track down the app ;)
omg this is a great instructable i mean cool idea and stuff but the way its writtin is the best love it its so funny and i love how i showed this to my freinds {who arnt geeks like me} and they thought it was stupid hahah great instructable
lol,i like this one cause of the funny pictures u changed around
Thats mostly what i was going for. And you learn how to make a character! Talk about killing two birds with one stone. :)

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