Step 2: The hunt!

Picture of The hunt!
Time to track down the character thing!

Ok now this is very risky! OMG we are going to to a system folder. Make sure you only hunt the target and not other things cause you will be arrested. (Don't delete the Appimals!)

Ok hop in your Hummer (My computer) and follow the map below. Once you find the target (eudcedit.eve) SHOOT IT! (open)
etopsirhc5 years ago
lol, the gun looks almost like a dino bleeding out of the tail
alfonso8 years ago
instead of going through all that you could just type alt+r and then type in eudcedit into the run input box
nepheron8 years ago
nepheron8 years ago
omg lol
lookatmygrlyfont (author)  nepheron8 years ago
i try