Make Your Own Custom Shoes!





Introduction: Make Your Own Custom Shoes!

I was bored and I started to design some shoes. The design came out pretty well. So I thought by my self why wouldn't I make those schoes. Here is the result and the steps how to make your own shoes! 

Step 1: Here Is What You Need!

You will need some white shoes, I bought mine for 3,70 Euro's so that is very cheap.
And you need some permanent markers and a pencil

I also may be helpful to have a ruler and some other drawing tools.

Take out the laces so you can easily color every part of the shoe.

Step 2: Make a Design

Draw your design on a piece of paper or something.
You want to make sure your design is good, because you cant erase what you do with the permanent marker.

Step 3: Draw the Design on Your Shoes

Draw your design on your shoes with a pencil, so you know what it is going to look like.
You still can make some changes now!

Step 4: Let's Bring Some Color on the Schoes

Now start with the permanent markers!
Be careful because you can't erase it! 

Step 5: Be Proud of Your Design!

Now your schoes are finished!
Put back the laces and wear them! 



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    Im having trouble finding the shoes that i want. And i was kind of hoping that you would have an intructable of how to make the shoes

    I think this is really great :) When my sisters and brothers were babies we had to pass sown shoes. That was kind of hard because its a pattern of girl boy girl boy and so on, so I would paint them (if they weren't white) however they wanted. Some kids from my old elementary school had even paid me to design their shoes :) so great idea

    I was expecting instructions on how to make shoes , not color them.

    1 reply

    I'm sorry that isn't really clear,
    Good luck with finding the right instructable!

    I doubt you actually designed this shoe because I got actual Converse shoes with the same thing on them.

    3 replies

    Well, it's just a British flag. His were probably a lot cheaper ;P

    Haha, They are a lot cheaper!!
    I can make 10 pair of shoes for the same amount of money that you can buy one pair of converse for ;-)

    When I designed it I showed it to a friend,
    and she said that she had seen the exact same shoes in the store ones,

    so you are right the shoes do already exist.

    They didn't get really wet yet.
    But if they bleed depends on the quality permanent markers you get.
    I see the blue on the shoes bleeds a little and the red doesn't at all.
    You will have to get waterproof permanent markers than it will be okay ;-)