I was bored and I started to design some shoes. The design came out pretty well. So I thought by my self why wouldn't I make those schoes. Here is the result and the steps how to make your own shoes! 

Step 1: Here Is What You Need!

You will need some white shoes, I bought mine for 3,70 Euro's so that is very cheap.
And you need some permanent markers and a pencil

I also may be helpful to have a ruler and some other drawing tools.

Take out the laces so you can easily color every part of the shoe.
Im having trouble finding the shoes that i want. And i was kind of hoping that you would have an intructable of how to make the shoes
haha *sown is down ;) sorry o.O
I think this is really great :) When my sisters and brothers were babies we had to pass sown shoes. That was kind of hard because its a pattern of girl boy girl boy and so on, so I would paint them (if they weren't white) however they wanted. Some kids from my old elementary school had even paid me to design their shoes :) so great idea
I was expecting instructions on how to make shoes , not color them.
I'm sorry that isn't really clear,<br>Good luck with finding the right instructable!
I doubt you actually designed this shoe because I got actual Converse shoes with the same thing on them.
Well, it's just a British flag. His were probably a lot cheaper ;P
Haha, They are a lot cheaper!!<br>I can make 10 pair of shoes for the same amount of money that you can buy one pair of converse for ;-)
When I designed it I showed it to a friend,<br>and she said that she had seen the exact same shoes in the store ones,<br><br>so you are right the shoes do already exist.
Sweet kicks. Any bleeding after getting them wet?
They didn't get really wet yet.<br>But if they bleed depends on the quality permanent markers you get.<br>I see the blue on the shoes bleeds a little and the red doesn't at all. <br>You will have to get waterproof permanent markers than it will be okay ;-)

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