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Introduction: Make Big Glasses! (aka Godard Glasses)

"Fin du cinema" 

If you are a media studies student, you probably know Godard very well.  In case you witness a car crash, a story that makes no sense, or the French language, just hold up your "fin" glasses and turn an everyday situation into a Godard one.  

Step 1: Materials

1. Scissors
2. Foam core (at least 1/8'', any color you desire)
3.) Masking tape and/or electric tape
4.) Ruler
5.) Thin metal rods (sizing is dependent on how big you make your illustrator file for your glasses)
6.) Acrylic (any color you desire)
7.) Xacto blade (or box cutter)
8.) Colored paper (if you choose to wrap your "box)

Step 2: Laser Cut!

Create an illustrator file to cut out your glasses.  If you want a template, there is one provided (CS5).  Use it to create your own customized message and/or picture!

Step 3: Create "Frame"

Now that your glasses are cut, begin to create your frame.  Cut the foam core to create a box that will fit your frames.

Step 4: Taping!

Time to tape the box.  If you are thinking about decorating, painting, or wrapping your box, feel free to use masking tape.  If not, use a similar color tape that will match your foam core.

Step 5: Rods

When I designed the Illustrator file, I left holes at the top of the frames so that the frames could be interchangeable.  Tape the two rods to the top of the box.

Step 6: Fit the Frames Over the Rods

Fit the frames over the rods, and you are finished!

Step 7: Enjoy!

Have fun scooting around town and viewing the world through your frames!



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    I find the conversation about this piece more interesting & entertaining than the piece itself... ashleyahn, you're right it is pretty obnoxious but I could see myself using these with some pretty annoying people; they'd probably think I'm crazy and leave me alone ;~) ooohh I can't wait...hahaha

    1 reply

    Thank you for understanding! Yes, the obnoxious part of the glasses is essential; I was trying to replicate Godard's use of subtitles and ridiculous scenarios in which his characters are placed. That, in effect, is the motivation and inspiration behind the project. If you know Godard, I hope the glasses are a kind of humorous, 21st Century hommage.


    fintastique! everyone should have one for the appropriate moment.

    Sorry, but I missed the point. FIN means "the end" in French ( I think). Not familiar with Godard (except the rocket man, spelled differently). Is this a fashion accessory, a way of viewing things with the word FIN in front of your eyes, or a way to add the word FIN to a video?

    1 reply

    it's hard to explain unless you have seen a godard film. the whole piece is obnoxious and not very practical. so is godard in a way, and that was the inspiration.

    Bahahahahahahahahaha!!! Some people just don't get how awesome this is...

    You actually use this??

    "people should not ask 'why', but only say 'because'"