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After purchasing a lightweight canoe that fits on top of my car and spending most of the the summers of 2010and 2011 fishing, I decided to expand my hobby by trying my hand at making some fishing lures. This is how I went about doing it!

This is a great idea to pass some time during long, cold winters (if you have them and don't ice-fish).

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials

Don't be alarmed, most of the specialty tools are cheap, and most people have tools they could substitute in.

Tools List:

Power drill
Various drill bits
Coping saw (for precision cutting)
Roofing knife
Knife for whittling (multitool)
Tape measure
Sharpies (fine and wide tips)
Sandpaper (coarse and fine grit)
Pliers or vice grips
Small paintbrush
Superglue of some kind (waterproof if possible)

Materials List:

Wood of your choice ( I used a 1"x1" piece of pine from home improvement establishment)
Large popsicle stick or shim of wood (from craft store)
Paint (I used craft paint-its gonna be clear coated)
Wood sealant (Use polycrylic!)
Wood putty (for filling in holes/mistakes)
Large nails
Googly eyes (from craft store)
Small eyelets(use the smallest you can find or order from lure parts supplier online)
Propellers (OPTIONAL)(from lure parts supplier online or make your own)
Split rings (for attaching hooks)
Treble Hooks

That "torpedo" is the half-finished product you can make using this instructable.
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bjc40731 year ago

I made this bass lure to look like a MIni Heddon Zara Spook. It turned about 3.5''. I made the bleeding gills with a pen since my painting skills are pretty bad.

Stever0812 (author)  bjc40736 months ago
I made one just like yours! I modeled it after some old time lures.
Cool. Didn't get to use it lat year, but hopefully I can get it in the water when spawn comes around.
pikeslayer6 months ago

I also have a leatherman blast cool ible

Stever0812 (author)  pikeslayer6 months ago
Heck yea I have used it for so many things. Super tough tool.
lilchumy9911 months ago
I can't find eyelets small enough. Other than that I made a few of these and they turned out good. Check out my guid to fishing tutorial. I need votes
Stever0812 (author)  lilchumy996 months ago
Lurepartsonline .com has all the supplies for making lures.
you made some great lures!
julianpbmx2 years ago
I will definitely make the torpedo and some rapala-like minnow lures and i was just wondering what size treble hooks,propellers and split rings you used?
TayTayBob2 years ago
cool!!! i made a frog that works good .
bjc40733 years ago
Love the project, made the one in the end with the fish on it, but I am having trouble finding eyelets. Where did you get yours?
Stever0812 (author)  bjc40732 years ago
Lurepartsonline.com has tons of supplies
jlyvers7433 years ago
Thank you for sharing your creativity. This is a great -ible, every step is clear and I'll have no problem following your instructions. I once read a lure making book that suggested Bass Wood. Now I've looked at lumber co and even Lows and Home Depot and no one carries Bass Wood. But, if you find it they claim its easy to carve and as light as Balsa. "Those books" I read also had some kind of metal, swivel, cable from the split rings to the nose of the lure. Maybe pull out of the screwed in eyelets are only a problem with Bass Wood. I don't know, there instructions were to daunting. Have you ever had a problem with your hook eyelets pulling out? Thanks again for a great instructable! Maybe I will be able to make one after all.
Stever0812 (author)  jlyvers7432 years ago
I had the same issue. I found a hardware store that had a HUGE selection of different and exotic woods, and thats where i got my basswood and also some cedar(the wood that never rots). The "through" cable you saw is to keep eyelets from being ripped out, but since i don't fish for huge fish in the ocean, I am not worried about any eyelets being ripped out. Basswood is actually pretty tough, it just has a tight grain pattern and sands down really smooth.
freeza363 years ago
Ok I have a quick question. There arent many kinds of fish where I fish, as far as I know, strictly trout. If I made a smaller version of some of these, would trout hit them? (I will include a picture of little 7 year old me so you can get an idea of the fishes' size...)
Stever0812 (author)  freeza362 years ago
Trout of that size have small mouths, and they do eat small minnow fish. If you check out my other 'ible, you will see what I use to catch all my trout. Tiny wooden lures that would fit in a trout's mouth would be too fragile after you put the screw-eyes in. I would go with a long shank hook around the number 8 size, and tie some small hackle feathers around the upper shank with some black thread, and tip the hook with a trailer of a piece of nightcrawler.
Nice job. I like your lures better than the store bought lures that are designed to catch fishermen, not fish. Thanks for sharing. You have inspired me to fill my tackle box. Could not afford to do that otherwise.
Stever0812 (author)  poleclimber072 years ago
Glad my project could inspire someone's creativity! Make an 'ible with your designs, I am always looking for new lure shapes to try.
ty1234563 years ago
Would you be able to use any type of paint and just put a few coats of polycrylic on it?
Stever0812 (author)  ty1234562 years ago
Yes, the poly seals the paint in. Note that over time, the finish may become scratched and water may get inside. Therefore, non water-soluable paint is recommended to preserve any patterns you have done. If the lure is catching fish, the action usually is more of a factor than the pattern/color.
i wonder if thees would work better then the really rare rapala floating minnow lures that are really realistic, i've got to try this out!!!
Chad.Kalas3 years ago
Awesome! I'm all over this. Thanks for the great instructable! Favorited!
Hippymike963 years ago
Seems a bit complex. Is there a simpular way?
Stever0812 (author)  Hippymike963 years ago
Yes, you can cut pieces of dowels and attach hooks and eyes, but you wont get the nice looking products you see here. I also made lures out of beer bottle caps. Or you can buy pre-cut lure blanks that you assemble and paint yourself, but that defeats the purpose of doing the shaping yourself!
alivia3 years ago
Great job, thanks for sharing!
remscheid13 years ago
These are really great lures! They are absolutely wonderful! Awesome idea! You should market them and sell them at target.
Stever0812 (author)  remscheid13 years ago
Thanks, I'm trying to come up with more complex designs as well as using different kinds of wood. The lure selection at target was only about 5 different lures; I might just have a chance...
I have been meaning to make my on lures for some time now. I was thinking about using a wooden doll rod. Anyways I bet you were ex tactic to catch that bass on a homemade lure.
This is totally great. i have been carving lures the same way but never thought of some of these concepts
thanks to you i have some great ideas and will have some pics to share soon!
all in all
Stever0812 (author)  AussieAnglerGal3 years ago
Glad I could inspire you!
firepup1043 years ago
this reminds me when i caught a smaller catfish with string a paperclip and bread
spacesaver3 years ago
Good ibble, great looking lures!!:-) A few years ago I came across an old book on hand-made lures with a very similar design to this one only for ice fishing. It called for short, brass or copper wings as well as a tail. The overall process was similar too. Myself, I have made all my trout spoons by hammering them out of brass then polishing them. Lots of fun!!
Flintlock3 years ago

This would help my stepdad out quite a lot. He loses lures all of the time while trolling on the lake because they get stuck in debris. It can cost quite a bit when he's on a streak of losing lures....
Stever0812 (author)  Flintlock3 years ago
True, I am going to make some alternate designs and maybe work in rattles for added fish-attraction power. I don't have a motorized boat to try trolling with, but I will try to mimic the wobbling action of trolled lures and create a new 'ible.
Good work on this 'ibble!

Making your own lures for high debris condition may prove fruitful, altering the hooks layout may help a lot!
Stever0812 (author)  80$man3 years ago
This is true! I made the successful lures near the end of the season here, so I did not have enough trips to test out more shapes and hook configurations.
i really like the tail design, i bet it would look allot nicer if you would sand it more, all in all, its great
Stever0812 (author)  nhabersetzer3 years ago
Agreed, I was rushing to get them done to try them on the water so I didn't spend the time doing a super smooth finish. A belt sander flipped over would have helped.
zazenergy3 years ago
great job here!
Stever0812 (author)  zazenergy3 years ago
Thank you!
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