Step 9: Extra tricks/tips

Picture of Extra tricks/tips

I included a photo of some of my other creations.

Add scales using a fine point sharpie (on the dried paint, before the clear coat). Add some crazy stripes. Or appendages. Or feathers. Or a propeller or two for more splashing.

If the lure seems too light, you may have to add a modification for more weight. I used a piece of a large nail.

All you have to do is hollow out a cavity for the nail piece to fit in, cover with wood putty, sand smooth, and repaint/clear coat (see second picture). If you have some lead from a jighead, or one of those pieces of lead that fell off a car tire, you can hammer it into a thin rod you can use to get more weight into a smaller cavity.

The bottom lure in the first picture has a concave nose in the front to make it a popper. I actually caught bass with it this summer, seen in the third picture!

Don't be disappointed if your designs don't always catch fish. That's why they call it "fishing", not "catching"!

Let me know if you have any cool designs or paint schemes! Post photos of any monster fish you might have caught using your own lures.
Nice job. I like your lures better than the store bought lures that are designed to catch fishermen, not fish. Thanks for sharing. You have inspired me to fill my tackle box. Could not afford to do that otherwise.
alivia3 years ago
Great job, thanks for sharing!