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I love Sudoku, but I'm cheap. Sure, there are plenty of places on the net that I can do Sudoku for free. I could get five or ten puzzles a day. But not on the airplane when I fly every week. I need a book for that. But I'm cheap, remember?
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Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
You'll need a pencil and eraser for the puzzles, a binder clip for help with cutting and stapling, and a folder for the cover of your book.

Step 2: Make the Sudokus

Picture of Make the Sudokus
Can't print what you haven't made yet, right? How to make a Sudoku? I use Simple Sudoku by Angus Johnson It lets you create Sudoku puzzles, and save them.

First, create a puzzle. Next, save it. You want to do this a lot. I like to create books of 40 puzzles. When you print them (coming up) they will be double sided, with four puzzles per side. My 40 puzzles become a 20 page book. You decide how many you want to make and print.

Step 3: Print multiple puzzles

Picture of Print multiple puzzles
This is the best part of the program. It lets you print all the puzzles you just created--four to a page. From the File menu, choose Print> then Multiple Puzzles....

An Open File type dialog will pop up. Select all the puzzles you created in the last step, and click on Open.

The printer dialog box will pop up. Set the printer to print double sided, if you can. If not, you can do half your puzzles in one print, flip the paper, and print the other half. Or, you could just print it one sided. Doesn't really matter.

Step 4: Now you've got your puzzles

Picture of Now you've got your puzzles
Here are my puzzles

Step 5: Cut the puzzles

Picture of Cut the puzzles
1) Cut them in half, lengthwise, any way you can. I like the big old fashioned paper cutters. You can use what you want.

2) Cut them in half again. You'll end up with two lengths of paper, so you'll need to even them up.

3) Cut them to even them up.
TheKnexDude2 years ago
printable-sudoku-puzzles.com has 6 puzzles per page.
JohnJY5 years ago
Or just use pocketmod.com, make your own pocket mod, and just use their sudoku template.
ajjardin5 years ago
Sudoku is my favorite way for some good brain exercises. got to love all the different Sudoku Strategies that it involves
1000 sudokuPUZZLES YAY
jridley7 years ago
sudoku is totally awesome. i play alot on the net myself, but i've paid for the books and its to much im cheap myself and hate to waste money lol..my boyfriends a genius though and got this thing called rockbox he downloaded and put it on my ipod which has a game imulator so i can play sudoku and other games on my ipod now..yea imulators are great. so if you have an ipod i have a 30gb video ipod and it works great i suggest go to rockbox.com--Tal
rhoula8 years ago
Here is a great sudoko Video I would love for you to watch:
good luck
Yakeyglee8 years ago
power8 years ago
love it
mtxe8 years ago
Bad Donut8 years ago
Simple and practicle. I like it!
mrmath (author)  Bad Donut8 years ago
Normally I wouldn't do this, but since I'm not dropshipping right now: http://vistawholesale.zoovy.com/product/SUDOKU

But you gotta hurry, it's on closeout. It'd cost me $6.25 to buy one of these and that's including S/H, but I'm not a huge Sudoku fan. You can also buy other things there for less too.