We love our Go Pro camera! It is an amazing piece of kit as I'm sure you know. So why not get the most out of it with your very own pole mount! This DIY piece of kit is great for extreme sports like snowboarding where you can have your hands free. Check out this video sugru guru Ben made of him using the pole mount whilst snowboarding.


sugru is perfect for this project because:

- it bonds great to metals and plastics

- it can fill the gaps between the flat go pro mount and the round pole

- it is super strong (Ben hit some trees when filming and it held strong!)

For this project you will need:

1. ski pole (or walking pole, length of PVC pipe or wooden dowel)
2. 2 x 5g minipacks of sugru
3. scissors
4. hack saw
5. stanley knife / scalpel
6. cloth
7. white spirit
8. protective gloves (or just washing up gloves)
9. tape
10. newspaper
11. tape
12. toilet paper (for cleaning excess sugru off your finger tips)

Step 1: Pole Options.

For this project we used a ski pole as we had an old one lying around. If you don't have a spare it should be quite easy to find one. If you head down to any ski rental shop, ski school, mountain bar or restaurant or just chat to a lifty, you should be able to find a spare, bent or broken pole.

Alternatively you could use a walking pole as these often come apart by themselves. If you then place the mount behind the plastic join then you can keep using the pole as a walking pole and a go pro mount.

The benefit of using these poles are that they are robust, designed for extreme conditions and already have a grip and leash (handy so you don't lose your expensive camera).

But if you want to use something simpler then try using a length of PVC pipe or wooden dowel. You could add you own sugru grip to the end.
This was so fun and easy to make and when I thought this wouldn't work I ended up using it on the mountain shredding it out snowboarding freestyle. Awesome projects keep up the good work!
whoop, thank you :)
This is really cool, I did something similar with a dowel a while back but I kept it fairly long. I was wondering why you decided to cut yours?
Just to make it easier to carry and less obtrusive while snowboarding. I was using it a lot in trees that could sometimes get quite tight so I made it shorter. <br><br>A longer pole would probably give better footage but it was a compromise between the footage and the snowboarding. The size meant that if I wasn't filming I could hold onto the pole without it getting in my way too much.<br><br>In hindsight, a telescopic walking pole would be the best option to make this but all I had to hand was an old ski pole.<br><br>Would love to see a picture of your dowel creation.<br><br>Ben
Genius! This is such a good idea.

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