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Have you ever wanted to make your own grappling hook? Instead of spending $30.00 to get one why not make your own for $15.00? Well I am going to show you how!

And this would have helped to clean up the rough edges:

P.S. I forgot to take pictures while I was making it but I made some little figures to help you.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Assorted drill bits,
And some sort of eye protection.

1/2" steel pipe,
3/8 steel rod,
And a D ring that can hold a lot of weight. I got mine at Aco in the hardware section and it holds 280 lbs.

Step 2: Preparing Your Metal

First you want to cut a 1' length off of your steel pipe. Next you want to measure and cut your steel rod to whatever size you think feels right mine ended up at around 13". Then measure where you want to bend your steel rod and mark it (mine were around 6" from one end to the 1/2" in the middle then measure from the other end and mark 6".

Step 3: Making the Prongs

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Take your two pieces of steel and bend them where you marked you want the shape to look like a v, but it has to be able to fit in the pipe. When you have one side of your prong bent put it into the the hole you drilled and slide the extra pipe you had over the side that is sticking straight out and bend it into the right position.

P.S. I had to duct tape the side that was already bent so that I could bend it into the right position.

Step 4: Drilling Your Holes

Picture of Drilling Your Holes

Next take your steel pipe and measure about 1" from the top thats where you want to put your first hole. measure about a 1/2" down from there and turn your rod so the first hole is positioned on the right and left sides of the pipe put your second hole 1/2 an inch beneath your first hole.

Measure about a 1/2" from the bottom and drill your third and final hole. remember you want your steel and D ring to be able to fit into the holes, they may be a little loose but thats okay.

Step 5: Welding

This is the last step the welding. Assemble your grappling hook and weld the prongs in place so they don't move. If you don't have access to a welder you can always ask someone that does to do it for you. I don't have access to a welder so I asked my grandpa to do it for me, and he took it to where he works and welded it for me. 

If you have any problems with the instructions just let me know and I will revise them for you.

Be careful with this! It is very dangerous! And is not a toy!


o_brown11 (author)2013-06-01

how did you bend the steel rod?

janafekin (author)2013-01-27

is there a way to make one without welding it ? cuz I don't have a welder but I'd love to make a grappling hook so what can I do instead

malikshaikh1999 (author)2013-01-05

where can i get steel pipe and steel rod

bcavaciuti (author)2013-01-03

you could attach it to a firework-shove one inside it with a very strong bung (welded) with some small fins-its what the military used in ww2 from mortar like launchers and probly use them now though be careful as it could easily become a pipe bomb O.o

bcavaciuti (author)2013-01-03

nice its good to see an instructable with proper proof it works :D if you make the spikes sharp then it would probably grip the tree better tho it will damage them so might not be the best thing...and anything can look professional if you spend an hour/hour cleaning it up with a file and sand paper. tho its not necessary for function

springlauncher (author)2011-08-20

that is awesome dude

SWV1787 (author)2010-12-07

no shots of it in action?

SG1Oniell (author)SWV17872011-04-07

he has plenty, you just have to scroll through the shots at the top

RDSawicki (author)2010-12-11

yeah u did u good job welding haha

NutandBolt (author)2010-12-10

Realy cool, simple, efficient, I think I am going to weld something like that :-)

Kryptonite (author)2010-12-09

Nice build! Looks like you've done a good job on the welds. :D

RDSawicki (author)2010-12-09

hahaha nice

monkeyjo (author)2010-12-07

No not yet. I will post some when it's not so cold out.

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