I needed some hair sticks for my wedding and couldn't find anything I really liked so I decided to make my own.

You'll need the following items:

- pair of chopsticks / wooden dowels
- some eye bolts
- beads, wire, fish wire, other pretty items

Step 1: Wooden Chopsticks

You could whittle your own sticks or you can be lazy like me. I went into my cutlery drawer and got myself a pair of wooden chopsticks (I used my new reserve chopsticks). If you're whittling your own sticks, paint and varnish it. Using chopsticks means no finishing and sometimes you can get some really nicely painted ones.
Really great idea!&nbsp; After 10 years without a substantial haircut, I&nbsp;think I&nbsp;have enough hair for these!<br /> <br /> Thank you for the ideas - and constructions! (Sorry, Dan.)<br />
Cool! Thanks for sharing! Do you know how to make hair buns? If you do and you make an instructable on that, I'd be sure to see it.
I love this! A friend made me some square wooden sticks after he saw me twisting my hair around pencils. Pretty chopsticks are awesome for hair!
Great idea!
Nice and easy! Looks like it could be a great way to use the dangly bits of old earrings, too.

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