Make Your Own (hot) Horseradish (in Less Than 5 Minutes).





Introduction: Make Your Own (hot) Horseradish (in Less Than 5 Minutes).

Horseradish (cream of horseradish) is very delightful. You can use it like mustard or for sauces or just to flavor your fish or beef.

Step 1: What You Need


sharp knife
something to peel the horseradish


Yes, you will need horseradish.
a lemon or citric acid
oil (sun flower or olive or whatever you want)
salt and pepper

Step 2: Prepare the Ingredients

First of all peel the horseradish and cut it in pieces for the blender.

Step 3: Blend It

Now you are going to blend the horseradish pieces. But be carful, the raddis has very hot oils in it and if you don't stay out of it's way while opening the blender you will probably get blind - at least you will cry like a little baby and hate this instructable...

Step 4: Almost There... Just Add the Ingredients.

Add the remaining ingredients. The citric acid, vinegar, oil, salt and pepper.
And guess what you have to do again. Yes right, blend it one more time.After blending it should look a bit creamy. If you want it even creamier or more creamy - please ignore my bad English - you have to add more wet ingredients like the oil.

Fill it up into some jars - in my case I used a glass in which convenience horse radish was served. Take this super market.




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    What are the quantities of the ingredients??

    There is a lot of horseradish growing around at my grandma's house in the garden. One of the only uses I of it was pickling cucumbers. I'm going to have to try this.

    Also check out Blenderboy in one of my other Instructables.

    I add a parsnip to it. It keeps texture without much taste difference. The HR overpowers the parsnip but doubles the volume.

    THANK you for this instructable!!! I'm adding your info to my recipe program. I have hand grated horseradish for Passover when I was a child & know the pain it can cause. I even took a sniff of it the first time I took the cover off the food processor to remove the grater plate. It'll blow off the back of your head if you aren't careful. But, I love good horseradish and can promise you that none of the bottled stuff, no matter how "good" it is, even comes close to making it at home. However, I failed to remember citric acid, fruit fresh, or even lemon juice, to keep it from turning brown. And, the other ingredients such as oil (I'd use extra-virgen olive oil) & vinegar (some good quality balsamic would make it a gourmet horseradish while some red wine vinegar would probably be good, but plain old white salad vinegar is probably the best for a traditional horseradish) would make it a better product. And, if I'm making it for Passover, it'd probably get just a little lemon juice & a little vinegar. I really appreciate having your "recipe" - besides, most of the cooking I do is by look, feel, or taste, so being without ratios or measurements is not a deterrent to me! I especially like to mix mayo with it & put it in a squeeze bottle so that I can get it on my sandwiches easier. But, it's also good on roast beef, too!

    It grows like mad here in the NW. I tossed a bit into the compost and now a good portion of my garden is horse radish. I've made this before and ended up wearing a scuba mask and snorkle while grinding. Even the next morning, walking into the kitchen was like being maced.

    I'm Polish and a prime requisite for Polish sausage is grated horseradish. When I was a kid every holiday my grandma made fresh kielbasa and my job was to grate the horseradish. The first time I made it I thought I was going to die from the fumes. I had a pet parakeet and I moved him to a different room so he wouldn't get sick! These days I make the sausage but buy Gold's Extra Hot.

    My ancestors on the mother's side come from Silesia, how about an instructable how to make the mentioned sausage. I would be interested.

    Never thought of making it myself. Gas may be high, but at least my horseradish sauce can be cheap. Thanks for the info.

    If your looking for a good blender, I'd stick with the Oster Beehive, Braun PowerMax or Vita-Mix, as they tend to have better consumer ratings.

    Ummm. Isnt horseradish supposed to be fermented? My understandin is that traditionally thats not vinegar or lemon you are tasting- its the result of a salt brine. Grind up the horseradish- cover with salt water. (maybe about one tbs to 2 cups of water) put a lid on it and throw it in the fridge. wait a month. enjoy.