Imagine that you are taking a picture on a bridge with your iPhone. You drop it and you are out $200. You have three choices to prevent this from happening. 1, don't take pictures on bridges. 2, put down $15 for a danglet http://www.collinsamerica.com/page4/page4.html Or 3, you could make your own wrist strap for less.

Step 1: Getting All the Stuff

All you realy need is an iPod locking dock connector, it needs to be the locking kind (I found one at a computer hardwear store for $3) or if you have one just laying around collecting dust you can use that. You will also need a wrist band ( I used one of the old wii mote straps. Plus it tightens around your wrist so it doesn't fall off). Tools that you will need include a drill, drill bits, and wire cutters.
we need a solution for iPhone/iPod-touch 5
<br /> &nbsp;Great idea but not very secure... &nbsp;I found a better case with a wrist strap @<br /> <br /> &nbsp;www.computingreality.com/iStrap/<br /> <br /> check it out....<br /> <br />
Great idea, but since you have chop up your USB cable it would be better cut it, add an RJ11 jack, then add an RJ11 plug to the other side so you could re-attach your USB cable and still use it.
great idea! how do you know if its 'the locking kind?'
Nice 'ible, so you really found a dock connecter for three bucks? thats incredible, their about nine times as expensive at the apple store.
yep, there's this computer store in the mall in my town and it has old cables and other used computer stuff.
Is that a strap from a wii controller?
Cool idea, but 1) Make sure you get a "locking" connector (the ones from Apple don't!!!!) 2) Would this be strong enough to hold it in place securely? (I'd hate to have my $400 toy destroyed...)
on #1, all the new apple cable don't lock, but all the old ones should lock On #2, i've tested this thing in many ways and i was able to twirl the thing around pretty good, so if your not launching the thing at the TV (like a wii mote) i think you should be fine

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