Picture of Make your own lip balm
Growing up in the desert, I became an early user and somewhat addicted to lip protection. I always had a tube of the stuff in my pocket.

One day, I realized that commercial lip balm was made of nasty petrochemicals and started looking for alternatives. There were a lot of pricey boutique brands and I tried a few, and then I found a product made by Chapstick, which was made with several exotic butters, like shea and aloe. These moisturized my lips while protecting them from the drying effects of wind and sun.

But, alas, all good things come to an end, and Chapstick stopped making them. The last ones are now available, but very pricey, up to $10 a tube.

So I decided I'd try to make my own.
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Step 2: The fancy filler thingee

If I had thought ahead, I would have saved my spent tubes, washed them out, and used them. Instead, I found a handy little kit here. This kit has 24 tubes ready for filling, plus a holder and a little spatula, which I didn't need to use for this project. In all, the whole kit cost less than two of the nearly extinct tubes of Chapstick Naturals.
JanetF122 days ago

I live in West Africa where shea butter and beeswax are common and cheap! I made this tonight with olive oil and a little vanilla essence. I'm hoping it'll taste like ice cream. I'll have to wait till later to see if I put enough in to be able to taste it. I only made a small amount, one teaspoon of each ingredient with 5 drops of vanilla.

JanetF1 JanetF122 days ago

Mmmm. Tastes great! I've yet to see how it will behave out of the fridge, it may melt too much in this heat. It has a lovely creamy texture.

deangera106377 months ago
Amazing back story thx
mdaughtry21 year ago
I use this recipe as well minus the Shea butter. I add vitamin E oil and vanilla and peppermint extract. If I want a little color to it I add a small chunk of lipstick to the melting process!
arete011 year ago
I am certanly making your beewax lipbalm: I can not use industrial ones becouse they dry my skin. thank You for sharing
PoniesSwag1 year ago
Vitamin E as a healer and a preservative.
birthmark1 year ago
Nice one. I've made a lip (and skin) balm with a beeswax and olive oil and it works well too. I added few drips of cooking orange and vanilla oil and it smells beautifully.
I also use the same mixture (but in different proportions and without scents) as a wood finish.
brian.travis (author)  birthmark1 year ago
Good idea, birthmark. There are so many uses for the oils that most people think are just for cooking.
Ty Mashaw1 year ago
I'm on accutane and I go through almost a tube a month. This is perfect. Thank you!
zamrin1 year ago
hmm can you use honey as an alternitive to the honey?
zamrin1 year ago
ooo you can add kool aid for the taste :D
jamob1 year ago
Mint would be a great additive! How would a non beekeeper obtain beeswax? Great instructable!
Some health food stores and stores that sell earthy, natural products could have beeswax.
omnibot jamob1 year ago
Stores for art-supplies have beeswax.
brian.travis (author) 1 year ago
Status Report: After using the product for a week, I can tell you that it works well. My concern was that it would melt in my pocket. That's why the beeswax. That hasn't happened, and it looks like you can increase the proportion of softer butters or oils and still have a stable product. No word yet on how it handles a hot car, but perhaps I'll make an update later in the summer!
Viaticus1 year ago
menthol! helps to relax the skin and allow the balm to works it way deeper into the tissue.

Awesome post - I want to try your recipe very soon!
very cool!
bluesnake41 year ago
Hmm, maybe some raspberry syrup.
rimar20001 year ago
Very interesting. Some winters my lips break, too.