Step 2: Cut Out Your Character

As the title insists, cut out the front and back of your character!
<p>I made myself a 3&quot; Jeopardy Mouse to go with my official 3&quot; Danger Mouse action figures. Though instead of grocery bag ties I used paper clips. Thanks for sharing the instructions (-:</p>
So, because of the grocery bag ties, the figures are bendable e.g. Arms, Legs?
Guts Man!
And for the girls, you can do this to those paper dress-up dolls too (do they still make those?)
Good idea! I'm sure there are paper doll templates online :)
Yes, and also these can be made (using your instructable) from any kind of picture does not need to be actual paper dress-up dolls. like ones own picture, or ones familly, or from magasines/internet images you can make your own army of chuck norris (im sure that is every little girls dream :)<br>

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