Step 1: Destroying Mouse

<p>Why is the video private? Can not view video!</p>
<p>I know that there is a &quot;We have a <b>be nice</b> comment policy. Please be positive and constructive&quot; </p><p>but if you post a video to teach something don't MAKE IT PRIVATE that is just Stupid </p>
<p>i made it and it works nice, but the only thing that it jerks a lot, probably need to paint it</p>
<p>I also had this problem, reducing the pointer speed fixed it pretty well.</p>
Made it! Was looking to have a wireless, one hand version for browsing on the tv, and to leave the original mouse intact. Clean up the plastic roller and attached with hot glue. Works great- thanks for the idea : D
I made some kind of an information panel using you trackball.
Very interesting application. Good job.
Been giving this a shot, intention is to have a game-pad style trackball. Case is an old RC heli controller, mouse is an old USB Dell. I had to chase up the invert y-axis command for linux. <br><br>The command to invert the y-axis on a mouse is...<br><br>xinput -list<br><br>xinput set-int-prop &quot;device name&quot; &quot;Evdev Axis Inversion&quot; 8 1 0<br><br>xinput -list will show you the &quot;device name&quot;, in my case it is &quot;USB Optical Mouse&quot; Took me 2 hours of google-ing and working from manpages to come up with that damn command!
...And here she is all bolted together. You can see the left and right mouse microswitches double-sided-taped to the shoulders of the controller with the wires exposed, for now. Works well, ball sits very high, and the centre-click button isn't working for some reason, but otherwise it is perfect for media-centre/web browser use from the couch!
Good job. Nice red light. <br>Wireless be better, do not you think?
cool instructable, i agree that its not very detailed but all thats needed is there, i just added wires to each switch and the mouse wheel now i have a trackball mouse with 5 buttons and a wheel:) it works well in dota:)<br />
I am glad my instructable has helped you.&nbsp;
CERN's trackball from 1970's<br /> http://cdsweb.cern.ch/journal/CERNBulletin/2010/21/News%20Articles/1265855<br />
Mi ingl&eacute;s SI es bueno, m&aacute;ndame lo que quieras traducir y con mucho gusto lo har&eacute;.<br /> Un saludico&nbsp; -(|:-)<br /> <br />
&nbsp;Muchas gracias, con el saludico y la boina me has convencido totalmente.<br /> Dada la popularidad que est&aacute; teniendo este instructable me gustaria realizarlo con mas detalles y mas textos, en tal caso me haria falta un poco de ayuda (aparte del traductor del Google).<br /> Muchas gracias de nuevo.<br /> Otro saludico, -(|;-)
Si, la gente se queja, en esencia, porque tiene muy poco detalle y tienen que adivinar como se hacen las cosas.<br /> <br /> yes, people are complaning because, basically, there is little detail and they have to guess hwo things come together.&nbsp; (this is the English translation of what is written above)&nbsp; The english translation of this instructable should appear soon, (courtesy of yours truly)<br />
muy buena idea, te falta mejorar el acabado, pero me gusta, <br /> ya estoy buscando un candidato que destrozar<br /> me suscribo, para ver la evolucion<br /> saludicos<br /> jaja<br />
&nbsp;muy bien, muchos gracias,<br /> <br /> &nbsp;will add this to my future projects....<br />
&nbsp;Um, what?
Ha! Very nice idea. Just missing those &quot;key elements&quot; in the instructions.<br /> <br /> Turning the &quot;down side&quot; of the mouse up and track the ball, then inverting it with software so simple!&nbsp;And to that efect the deodorant ball is just briliant!!!<br /> <br /> I will try this one, good work on the idea!<br /> <br /> &nbsp;
They are, but It gives me the general Idea. so thats all i really needed. but I definately agree with Trainguyxx its very vague <br />
Hi Gato,<br /> Great idea. I could do with more details myself. If your language is Spanish, post the instructions or send me an email and I'll translate it for you. <br /> un saludo,<br /> David
Hola Beavers57, &nbsp; mi idioma es el espa&ntilde;ol y&nbsp; mi ingles no es bueno.&nbsp;<br /> Acepto con gusto tu ofrecimiento. &iquest;Como puedo contactar contigo?<br /> Publiqu&eacute; este instructable sin imaginar que iba a crear tanto interes. Considerar&eacute; la posibilidad de hacer una nueva version del instructable, en tal caso contar&eacute; con tu colaboracion.<br /> Muchas Gracias.<br /> <br /> Translated by Google Traslator:<br /> Hello Beavers57 , my language is Spanish and my English is not good.<br /> Gladly accept your offer. How I can contact you?<br /> I posted this instructable not imagine that would create much interest. Consider the possibility of making a new version of the instructable, if so tell your cooperation.<br /> Thank you very much.<br /> <br /> Don Gato.<br />
The instructions are a bit vague, aren't they?<br />
Hey, you made Hack-a-day! Nice!<br /> <br /> Too bad the feature team here didn't think as much of it...<br />
I agree with robomaniac, it's lacking enough detail to get featured.<br />
<span class="Apple-style-span" style="border-collapse: separate;color: rgb(0,0,0);font-family: Times New Roman;font-style: normal;font-variant: normal;font-weight: normal;letter-spacing: normal;line-height: normal;orphans: 2;text-indent: 0.0px;text-transform: none;white-space: normal;widows: 2;word-spacing: 0.0px;"><span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: arial , sans-serif;font-size: 16.0px;line-height: 24.0px;"><span title="">Sorry for not giving more details.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></span><span title="">This is my first instructable.<br /> </span><span style="background-color: rgb(230,236,249);color: rgb(0,0,0);" title="">and my english is not good enough.<br /> </span><span title="">Anyway thanks for your interest</span></span></span>. &nbsp;&nbsp;
It's much better than my first one!&nbsp;:D Didn't mean to put it down, was just commenting that it wasn't the best ever so probably didn't meet the feature criteria. :)<br />
There is NO instructions, the track ball mouvement need more detail.<br /> <br /> picture of the deodorant roll ball connected to the optical mouse part should be way more clear.
Nice hack.&nbsp; Will have to put this in my back pocket in case I ever need this type of functionality.&nbsp; Thanks.<br />
The optical mouse-part tracks the movement of ball I guess?<br /> <br /> L<br />
yes. the ball becomes your new mouse pad. and you move you &quot;pad&quot; instead of the mouse...<br />

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