Picture of Make your own plastic tote bag from recycled plastic bags
Have you ever wanted to do something with all those plastic bags from the market? Maybe you don't have a recycling center that will take them near you. With a little time and creativity you can make some pretty cool stuff like this big tote bag.

I know that this may not be the first on this subject but maybe I can share some ideas not covered by others.

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Step 1: What you will need to get started

Picture of What you will need to get started
You will need a ton of bags. I think I counted 30 bags by the time I was done with the tote bag. You will need an iron that can be set to low heat and some scissors, aluminum foil and something hard and flat. I used plywood.
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LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Cool! I do a similar thing with styrofoam. I will have to try this
user669 (author)  LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Thanks! You can make tons of stuff using this method. I think I am going to try to make a Rain Poncho or coat. Also a shower curtain came to mind for future projects.
A shower curtain would be so cool! It would be a great attraction in a guest bathroom. Imagine all of the compliments you'd receive from visitors.
This is certainly creative! Recycling plastic products is great for the environment but as stated earlier be careful around the birds. I am wondering what do people use this for primarily? I know that looks are not everything but id like to hear what are the most common uses for these bags. Ill start ( this is speculative since I haven't personally made these yet) I think Id use them to organize some of my loose items in the garage. ( like my cleaner, towels etc. Perhaps put some of my camping gear in there. Also have you tested the strength? It would be nice to know approx how many pounds these can hold. Anyhow thanks for sharing and keep up the recycling!
lsutter4 years ago
Need more instruction on this step please? Also is there a way to make the bag more square rather than flat?
dmesser6 years ago
If you have birds in your home, be sure to do this in an area where they won't be exposed to the vapors at all. The fumes from plastic fusing can kill your birds.
CAP55 dmesser6 years ago
Hi: Just curious, what are you using to fuse besides an iron and foil? Gosh, no one wants to kill the birds............ Is there another method?
dmesser CAP554 years ago
I still use an iron and foil. Just be sure to do this away from the birds in your home and in a room that is ventilated to the outside air. That's just a good practice, even for yourself.

Sorry for the delay. I've been away for quite a while...
gjenkins6 years ago
I'd been saving empty cereal bags waiting for a something interesting to do and your project inspired me. I used a method I saw on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtB2c6pdUOU)and just cut the tops and bottoms off of 4 layers of walmart bags for each side. I placed pieces of a Steve & Barry's bag to fill on the clear window on the cereal bags and to make the bottom (with about 3 layers of the walmart bag btwn two pieces of S&B bag). I also cut out the cereal name and kangaroo and placed them inside the window as well. With an iron set on 3, I fused the pieces between sheets of parchment and used thick cardboard instead of wood. I used your no sew method to fuse the bags together and used bag scraps to fuse the handle on the bag. Fun project, next time I'll try it with gift wrap, newspaper or post cards. Thanks for a great instructable! Now we have a cool storage item for the kitchen.
KittyF gjenkins4 years ago
It'd be great if instead of just a few pics you'd actually make an instructible for this so we could see what you did.
user669 (author)  gjenkins6 years ago
That's a great lookin bag you made! Thanks for posting!
thanks for this bag. for now, i hane my project in science
I use plastic bags as trash can liners.
I do too, but since I'm more careful about recycling than I am about making sure I have a tote when I get groceries I end up with more bags than I need for trash can liners.

So this might be fun.
is that a real dollar bill fused in the top photo? how fun to think of things to fuse inside. i am a knitter so i could fuse in lots of little bits of yarn left from other projects. and i am going to have my kids draw all over the bags with sharpies before i fuse the layers. i don't know where you guys find such groovy-looking bags though. the ones i see here and there are all uggo. i have a goal of never bringing another plasty nasty into my house but i still have a small stash i am trying to use up productively.
Blueboyx317 years ago
I tried a small version of this before venturing into the bigger bag. The project was quick and fun. thanks for posting.
user669 (author)  Blueboyx317 years ago
Wow that blue looks really good! Now when I am at the store and see bags of bright colors I try to think what it would look like fused together! Thanks for sharing Blueboyx31! It made my day to see someone else's bag!!
After seeing this, i am now commited to making one.
Lance Mt.6 years ago
(Quake/Unreal announcer) Unnnn-stoppable! GOD-LIKE
CAP556 years ago
I will be posting my plastic bag idea reallllllll soon............. you all inspired me!!!!
CAP556 years ago
'I just want to say that these items are absolutely wonderful and you people are so talented. Could someone tell me how to fuse the bags if not with an iron? God bless you all. I love this website..........

bacaboi6 years ago
I Fused these bags together. I used a nicer bag for the outermost layer, and a black bag for the handle and border.
bacaboi bacaboi6 years ago
and this was a test. My aunt wanted me to make one since she uses the plain eco friendly bags from the grocerie store. She wanted something different.
user669 (author)  bacaboi6 years ago
That looks really good! I'm sure your aunt will be vary happy with her new bag!
jabshort17 years ago
To those who may be thinking of heating plastic bags... Please be sure to do this either outside, or in a VERY well ventilated area. Very volatile and toxic chemicals are released from heating plastic bags. Do not inhale the vapors released from them.
user669 (author)  jabshort17 years ago
I agree. As with any project, painting, cutting plywood, etc. you have to take precautions. Thanks for bringing this up. When making this project open a window. You might say to yourself that you can't smell any fumes but there are some there.
So here are a few facts....the MSDS sheets " Materials Safety Data Sheets" companies have to have available only say temperatures 450 or above cause Carcinogenic fumes.( I used to work in a factory where we extruded at high temperatures compounds such as PVC .) On the few occassions temperatures became to high ( causing actual smoke ) we were forced to evacuate premises til back under control and aired out. **So far their is no data listed nor available on any long term effects . So as long as safety measures are followed. My turned out hideous.
I have to strongly agree with you. I had a friend pass away from a form of lung cancer. He was dairy farmer, and a non smoker. He used to collect a truck load of old bread from the bread factory to feed to his stock when other food was short. He would then burn the bread bags in the paddock. He suffered the consequences and is no longer with us. Each to their own, but this is one instructable I won't be trying. The fumes from melting/burning plastic can and do kill!!!
With all due respect to the memory of your friend, I doubt that the lung cancer is incontrovertibly due to burning bread bags. I wouldn't deny the possibility of it being a contributory factor...
user669 (author)  jaydeechick7 years ago
This project is a far cry from standing over a pit of burning plastic bags every Friday night chugging milk and wiffing plastic smoke. If your plastic bags start to smoke then stop what your doing and leave the area. Check your iron to make sure it's on the lowest setting.
mine didn't turn out as good as yours but this is a great idea! thanks
vyki6 years ago
I love this idea and will definately be trying it!
KreaKatri6 years ago
Hey! Nice instructable, and great idea :) I was wondering how long-lasting it is?
user669 (author)  KreaKatri6 years ago
It's very strong and will last a long time unless you over abuse it.
Okay, thanks! Then I'll have to make one :)
user669 (author) 7 years ago
Thanks everyone for the comments. I wanted to share a bag that was made with fusing and thread. I like this bag because the maker used the logos in a stylish manner. Check out the targets... With a little time and skill you can really get great results like eclipse_etc's bag.
Wow! I just joined instructables a couple days ago, I am looking around at some tutes and I found a picture of my bag! Thanks for the compliments user669. (I am eclipse_etc on Flickr)
user669 (author)  eclipsed6 years ago
I didn't want people to think that they all turned out as ugly as mine did! lol Welcome to Instructables!
mtjohnson67 years ago
OK...all was good up until step 9. You did a whole lot of stuff, but only supplied a few words. It was hard for me to determine what you had done by just looking at the pics. I can see the wood in the pic, but I have NO idea what you are doing with it...Are you ironing on it? HELP I want to make one of these, but my "remedial" mind is having a hard time processing step 9. :(
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