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This is my first instructable, and it's a very simple concept, but card boxes are $3 to $10 and it only takes about 10 minutes to make your own.


Here is how to make your own trading card boxes using an old box.  They can be made to fit magic, poker, Pokemon, or any other cards that you have a box for.

You will need a pen, some paper, a razor, and a cutting board.  A ruler is also handy.

Step 1: Open up your old box

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Take your box and carefully cut along line where they glued it.
broberts1512 days ago

There are a lot of those who are asking for the measurements for the template. You can easily find that online. Just google "design your own deck box". There are several templates that can be found in images. You can also search for deck box templates.

boss geek2 months ago


LuizL15 months ago

HI!I don't have any deck box for the mold, can you give a mold prepared for print?

amagee15 months ago

Is there a way you can give us the measurements? I don't have any old box to cut up.

karen 525 years ago
By the way, where did you get the pics you used? karen 52
imburton (author)  karen 525 years ago
Starting at the top... Cornflakes box. Middle row. 2 booster boxes... Time spiral and Planar Chaos Bottom row. First two come from the poster that is around a fat pack... and the last is from a booster box (Guild Pact)
karen 525 years ago
Good choices for the papers on your boxes. I made a comment about you on Facebook. karen 52
omnibot5 years ago
Those are some sweet looking boxes.