Step 4: Step 3: mount the lens to your goggles

1: Roll the sugru into thin sausages.

2: Place the sausage around the rim of the goggles.

3: Gently but firmly press your prescription lens onto the sugru making sure that there are no gaps.

4: Gently press / rub the sugru to get a good finish. Use soapy water for a super smooth finish.

5: Leave to cure.

6: Go swimming :)

blackiis11 year ago

Hi, uh, I can't swim with those type of goggles cause the suction cups hurt my eyes so I use the bigger ones that cover like half of your face w/ nose, any way I can get that and make it like these?

hgray51 year ago
I like the neat finish you achieved with this.
it appears to me that this really has not been tested though. A goggle should have a flat surface that comes into contact with the water. If it does not, you will only have clear vision outside the water. The moment you go under water a different lens is formed because of the curved water surface in front of the lens. I think the only solution is to glue the lens inside the google.
I hope i have made myself clear.
dfuller13 years ago
There are 2 yellow comment boxes within the first photo in step 4. One is completely within the other and I have been unable to see what it says because the outer box always comes up first.
projectsugru (author)  dfuller13 years ago
hi, just fixed that, thanks for letting me know. Hope you find this ible useful :)
Other images in this step have the same problem as well.
projectsugru (author)  JasonDearing3 years ago
oops, thanks, just fixed that now.
Awesome. Great 'ible, BTW!
I looked at the code that powers those boxes. It says "Make your sausages long enough to wrap lie underneath the edge of the lenses."
kchaffin3 years ago
Thank you so much for this! My husband is in the same situation as you, so swimming isn't really so much fun for him since, ya know, he can't see. Plus now he will no excuse when I bug him to take underwater photos/videos of me mermaiding ;D
onedenarius3 years ago
cool, and a lot less expensive then the swim goggles I had to buy.. lol