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Introduction: Make Your Own Rainbow Loom

About: Hi everyone, my name is Cynthia, I am a craftnerd and I run the Youtube channel CraftGyver, where I post crafting and sewing videos. Fell free to come have a look and say hi ^_^

Hi guys, I don't own a rainbow loom, so I thought it would be cool to make my own!!!! I made my rainbow loom out of wood and it can make it any size you want.




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    Great!now im wondering why i actually bought one without seeing thism first

    Thanks =D

    umm.. hey! where did you get those stuff?

    I'm sorry if I missed them in the video! :/

    I love it! Now I actually have one ;)


    Nice! My daughter would love it if I made here a huge loom.

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    Thanks, that s exactly why I wanted to make one, I think it is too pricey to have to buy multiple looms if you want a big one, here in Ireland they cost 25euros a loom, I can't imagine buying more than one ^_^

    I love this! But how will you switch the pegs when you need it to be all even?

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    Thanks!! You can't switch, you would have to make two looms is you want the two options. Most of the knock of versions of the loom I have seen so far have only the arrow pattern. I need to work on making possible to switch from one to the other without making two looms ^_^

    This is a great idea! Does that texture of the wood pegs make it more difficult to use than the plastic version?

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    Thanks!! It doesn't slide as easily, the paint helps though. I wanted to use smooth dowels for it but my diy store didn't have any, it would work better with them.