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an improved version moving away from fruit power to liquid acid power. Any acid will work, such as soda, water, that stuff that eats through your flesh when you spill it on you, or anything else that is acidic.

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Step 1: Materials & tools

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to make this battery, you need:

1 plastic shot glass




gafar musa4 years ago
wow,dis is very interesting. i av tought of it but in ever try it,iwill go 4it right now.
I remember making this battery using vinegar as the electrode. Strangely, I got 10 volts DC! I have to admit that's actually powerful.
imakethings6 years ago
you could try vinegar
knoxarama (author)  imakethings6 years ago
strangely vinegar gives almost nothing.
U gotta be joking. Vineger and salt make the best electrolyte. I have tested it out myself.

But I dont have any cool chemicals. :(
jimmy dean6 years ago
Could you try measuring the current output?
knoxarama (author)  jimmy dean6 years ago
my multimeter started messing up after i put it in a wall outlet. the sparks flew everywhere. i think its working again so i'll try it.
 wow kid.. wow
knoxarama (author) 6 years ago
in case anyone is wondering, if you are serious about making a battery, use phospheric acid.
PKM6 years ago
Water is acidic? Acidic enough to power a zinc-copper battery?

Actually, wait, I thought you don't need acid, just some what plants crave electrolytes.

In this case, you can run the battery from salty water.
knoxarama (author)  PKM6 years ago
actually, i ran a test, and salt added to the water reduced the charge by .6 volts
knoxarama (author)  knoxarama6 years ago
0.06, sorry.
PKM knoxarama6 years ago
Interesting- I wasn't expecting that.

Ok, but that's the open-circuit voltage- why not try attaching both to a load and measuring voltage and current? If salt decreases both of those then something weird is going on.

What are electrolytes?
I don't know but they're EXTREMELY AWESOME and Brawndo is FULL OF THEM
knoxarama (author)  PKM6 years ago
its got electrolites but what are electrolites? ... plants crave electrolites 'later he gave up and said that he could talk to plants anyway, yes, just water gives you a voltage. Not much, but hook alot of them together and you'll get a decent voltage.