Make Your Own Skate Helmet Decals.




Introduction: Make Your Own Skate Helmet Decals.

I love my helmet but the plain black it came in is just boring to me. I decided to fix that problem by making my own decals on the cheap. This is a super easy process and, if you don't mind the tape outline, it looks great.

I personally like the tape. I think it adds in a great texture to it.

BTW, I'm an aggressive skater, not a skateboarder... too bad it's not as popular anymore :(

Step 1: Done!

Remember you can always add more images! And since this was done with the packaging tape they are easy to remove and put in different spots if you want to refresh the look or if you decide you don't like where something was put. Finished!



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    Great way for making your old helmet looks new and amazing. Just wondering how long these stickers will last.

    If you are looking for afforable decals you can check