Picture of Make your own skate helmet decals.
I love my helmet but the plain black it came in is just boring to me. I decided to fix that problem by making my own decals on the cheap. This is a super easy process and, if you don't mind the tape outline, it looks great.

I personally like the tape. I think it adds in a great texture to it.

BTW, I'm an aggressive skater, not a skateboarder... too bad it's not as popular anymore :(
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here's what you will need:
- A skate helmet (you could try a bike helmet but it may not look as good)
- Packaging tape
- Scissors or xacto knife
- Printer paper
- Printer (or drawing tools if drawing your own)

Step 2: Find images, or make your own.

Picture of Find images, or make your own.
Go on the internet and look for images of whatever you'd like on your helmet in varying sizes. You can also draw your own, look in your favorite skate magazines, whatever. A good max size is no more than 4" x 2.5" (though some helmets allow for a larger size than that).

Print out what you find (or use an image editor to print more than one to a page by making a 8"x10" document and pasting it in..recommended).

Step 3: Line the images with packaging tape.

Picture of Line the images with packaging tape.
photo (10).JPG
photo (9).JPG
photo (6).JPG
Now take the tape and line (laminate) the images with it. Do this on the front and on the back. On the front make sure the tape wraps around the edge to the back and fill in the remaining spaces on the back with smaller pieces of tape. Make the tape as smooth as you can. Do your best to prevent air bubbles. Use a credit card or other hard object to smooth out the tape.

If you have a laminating machine you could use that instead. 

Step 4: Cut out the images.

Picture of Cut out the images.
photo (13).JPG
Cut out the images. I'd recommend leaving a small border around them but that is up to you. If you have multiple images on one sheet like I do I recommend separating them first and then making smaller more detailed cuts to each individual one.
Protuff2 months ago

Great way for making your old helmet looks new and amazing. Just wondering how long these stickers will last.

If you are looking for afforable decals you can check

Lewis72061 year ago
Mudkip and stitch? Truly awesome...
Oh yeh, and the instructable is cool too :)