Have you ever had trouble finding just the right sketchbook? Maybe you can’t find the right kind of paper, or they are just too darn expensive. Well, it’s easier than you think to make one of your own, and everything you need might already be lying around your house.

Why Make Your Own Sketchbooks?

- Chose your own paper: tired of working on those A5 papers? Want to use a heavier paper? Maybe you think enviromental and want to use some recycled paper. Well in this instructable the choice is up to you!

- Almost free: you go to the store or your art supply dealer and you see the prices on those sketchbooks. A cheap one costs almost 5 euro's while a professional one is easily 10 euro's. And we all know times are rough so a penny saved is a penny earned. The book in this instructable was completly free and even if you need to get some of the materials you can easilly make 5 books for under 5 euro!

- Get creative!: you need a sketchbook so this probably means you consider yourself to be a creative person. Why do you keep buying those every day sketchbooks then? Go creative! Print your own personalized cover or draw your own!

This instructable started out on the train to my school. Since we're in full examn period now I really didn't have the time to work on any of my projects but with 20 minutes to spare on the train I found my favorite past time: doodling! So I went to the store to get myself a nice little sketchbook to use on the train and while I was flipping through them I realized why can't I make my own? I bet it will be cheaper to!

Now my design is very easy normally everyone can do it. We won't be binding anything or even glueing for that matter. Just 8 staples and some tape is all we need.

This is the second one I made and like all my instructables I give some options you can use on your own sketchbook. Like every instructable you will probably give your own touch to it and I will suggest some things. If you have some better idea's though please comment and if there good I will add them with credit.

Step 1: Materials

Now I expect everybody to have these at home but if not you'll probably find them in the hardwarestore for very little money. I had all these things laying around so this project was free for me.

- 1 ruler
- 1 pen
- 1 stapler (with 8 staples)
-  Electrical tape in the color of your choice ( duct tape fanatics can use there beloved product to :D )
- Drawing paper 26 sheets (this instructable uses ordinary printpaper A4 size)
- A knife
- Scissors (for when the knife doesn't work
- A cut plank (I used a breadplank)
- Cornflakes box or a cardboard of your choice

What's your first language?
Great! I really like this!
i got very good result<br />
Nice job :)
Thank you :)
Your welcome :)<br /> <br /> If it's at all possible, would you mind adding this instructable to my group called &quot;PWMMOP&quot; standing for &quot;People Who Make Marks On Paper&quot;. You don't have to stay a member if you don't want to.<br /> <br /> Thanks!!! :)
nicely done &quot;ible&quot;&nbsp; I like using the spiral bound index cards, they are fairly inexpensive and very portable, a mechanical pencil and eraser pen fit in the spiral binding so its compact. They are a little small but the portablity far out weighs that. I have one in each car and one in my favorite coat
I approve of the CAD reference.<br /> <br /> Cool idea, but I prefer spiral bound sketch books.<br />
Thank you for commenting<br /> <br /> Yeah that is one of the funniest bits in CAD so I just had to use it :D<br /> <br /> Yeah I was thinking about making a spiral version but the only thing I could come up with is either harvest it from another notebook (and what's the point in that then?) or using keychainholders but that seemed like a stupid idea. And this was just so easy to make I chose this version<br />

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