This is a really simple instructable. You only need a tree, a rope and your own hands.
WARNING: look out, some trees are not strong enough!
Everything what you need is:

1. A tree
2. A rope of 4 or 5 meters
3. your own hands

Step 1: Step 1

Make really much knots on one place so that you can sit.
can i point out that you are not using just a rope and your hands. you are also using a tree.
no you can not
not bad, but you should really clean up the wording if you can, turn the photos the right way, and take some photos during they day.
Relace the lower knot with a stick (sometimes they break, adding an extra element of fun).
that happend to me it was fun
i love tire swings that are off high embankments and over water.
i like swings that are made of rotting or very weak rope so when your freind goes off it he falls HAHAHAHAHAHA
this is so complicated how many YEARS of design, trial and error and testing did you go through. This could become the greatestest scientific discovory ever made. Don't forgget to copy wright ps I have three tire swings for tires just look on the side of the highway or go to the junkyard or steal them

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