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Introduction: Make Your Own Version of Task Manager

So my school thought it would be a good idea to block Task manager
i Laughed :D
(if this is what happened to you there is another way to regain acess to task manager which i will do in another 'ible)
so basicly what this does is it opens a tasklist of all running proccess then
asks you which you would like to close with the taskkill command
then once thats complete it asks you again in ase you need to close some more stuff

Step 1: Step 1 Notepad

open up notepad this is where we code batch script from for all you newbies :p

Step 2: Start of the Code

were starting of as always with
@echo off
which simply hides the "echo"s
then i added a title just for aesthetics
which goes
TITLE "your title remove qoutes"

Step 3: Whole Code

so this is the whole code for thoose of you who are lazy
just copy and paste that into a .txt change the file type to .bat and away you go
for thoose who want to know what their doing
ill explain each segment in the next few steps

@echo off
title Task Manager V1 by Elysium
echo Task Manager V1 by Elysium
echo Start Tasklist?

REM -------------------------------------------------------------

SET /P M=Type Selection:
IF "%M%"=="yes" GOTO A
IF "%M%"=="no" GOTO B
ping Localhost -n 2 >nul
start /max cmd.exe /k ""tasklist" & pause"
goto :b

rem --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Task Manager V1 by Elysium
set /p question= Which program would you like to close:
TASKKILL/IM %question% /F
goto :b

Step 4: Explained 1

so first we have our basic stuff
@echo off and TITLE whih ive already explained
but after that weve got something a bit different in the fat its not so much a command
in my code i have a line whih says
REM -----------------------------------------
which is just a maker in the code so its easy to see where things are sperateing
different options functions and things like that

Step 5: Explained 2

now it gets a little scary looking but its quite simple all its asking you
to do is provide an answer to the question so it an know what command to execute

SET /P M=Type Selection:
IF "%M%"=="yes" GOTO A
IF "%M%"=="no" GOTO B
ping Localhost -n 2 >nul
start /max cmd.exe /k ""tasklist" & pause"
goto :b

so it means pet the value of m to whatever follows the semi colon :
if it equals yes goto to maker a :A if no got to :B
the :A is a marker for a set of commands
ping Localhost -n 2 >nul just makes you wait a few seconds so you know the command is all good
the next line means start a new maximised cmd window whih will stay open until you closed it and get it to
display all current processes
then got to marker :b

Step 6: Explained 3

set /p question= Which program would you like to close:
TASKKILL/IM %question% /F
goto :b

:b is just a marker
cls clears all the text that was in the window
the next line asks you for a value for the variable %question%
this line forefully closes the program of value you entered for %question%
prompts you to "press any key to continue"
gos back to :b

Step 7: Finnished Product

you can download the finnished .bat  here



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    Decent if you wanted to keep on using the host OS, but if you wanted to get anything real done, everyone knows loading a live disk is easier. Not bad though pretty well explained.

    1 reply

    Thank you for appreciating my 'ible kind citizen
    I'm curious what exactly would you by loading off this live disk
    a different OS? Task manager itself ?
    i did actually try to boot a different OS on this recently but alas theve put a password on the bios :(