Step 3: The beginning of a website

Picture of The beginning of a website
OK, now you have an editor and a little knowledge about HTML. Lets get started.

Open your editor and make sure you are on a page you can code (might be the source or code tab on GUI editors)

Make sure it is blank before starting. Some GUI editors add information to the code.

The beginning of every HTML page must start with the command <html>. This can be written as <HTML> <hTMl> <Html>. It doesn't matter. Capitals are exactly the same as lower case in html.

The ending of every page will end with </html>. The forward slash signifies the end of any command.

So far your page should look like this

*-*-*-* - Signifies code. Ignore the starts and dashes
View this as a webpage

Nothing to see so far, but technically this is a webpage.