This is a step by step guide to creating your own zippi doll using conductive thread and other e-textiles.
The doll has LEDs as it's eyes, and a tilt switch is used to light the LEDs when the doll is lifted from horizontal to vertical.

Parts List:

A blue, green, red or yellow Electro Fashion flashing LED kit containing:
        2 x LEDs
        Conductive thread x 2 metres
    An Electro-Fashion Sewable Tilt Switch
    10cm Zip
    Felt 14 x 14 cm
    Fleece 20 x 30 cm, 2 off
    Polyester wadding
    Normal sewing thread

You will also require the following equipment:

Round nose pliers
Sewing machine
Needle with medium/large eye
Large tapestry needle
Optional items for decoration – not an exhaustive list:

Extra buttons
Felt for enhancing the eyes
Wool for hair
Fabric for clothes
Sequins, beads etc

Once made please remember that this is not a toy, and is not suitable for small children to play with.

Step 1: Cut Out the Templates

Carefully cut out the paper template at the end of this instructable around the Zippi body. Cut out the mouth hole accurately – fold the paper in half to start the initial cut. (Image 1).

Pin the template securely to one piece of fleece, making sure that the right side of the fleece (fluffy side) is facing upwards.

Mark around the edge of the template with pencil or tailors chalk – including cut out for mouth. 

Cut out around the design carefully. Also cut out the mouth hole accurately – fold the fleece in half to start the initial cut. (Image 2).

Remove the pins and the template/pattern.

Repeat for the back without the cut out for the mouth.
<p>Good job! Very skillful! </p>
This is really cool - and beautifully written and illustrated instructions. Thanks. :)
Thanks Chrissie for your kind words :-)

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