Motorcycles are not inherently dangerous, but there is a higher penalty for failure. Reduce your risk by riding smart and getting seen.
Many folks try to skimp on safety gear after blowing all their cash on a bike. Rock the gear, and ease your hurting wallet with these tips. Many riding jackets are made to match common bike colors, or just give off an intimidating air. (Black, anyone?) Safety and crash performance should definitely win out over style, so shop around.
 There are plenty of companies that make really safe gear, but they often really cost a lot. I got good gear that was safe and comfortable, then added the extra points I wanted for much less than top-line gear would have cost me. Just as safe, half the price.

Step 1: Pick Your Poison. (Get Your Gear)

Everybody has their own opinion on what feels right. Some manufacturers cut their gear longer or shorter in crucial areas. Some folks have longer or shorter torsos, legs, or arms, compared to someone the same height. You may not like the same bike or gear that your buddy raves about, find what fits you.
I picked a mesh jacket that had a fair amount of soft armor built into it. The fabric has small metal threads woven through it, so it does sparkle just a bit in strong sunlight. The open weave allows tons of airflow through the layers, while being strong enough to stay together during a slide.
I actually look for items that have little to no advertising on them. I hate being a walking bill board for a company.
I love your comment about not advertising for them. So many people in America buy clothes or other things just for the label, but , I buy things based on quality and feel the same as you. They don't pay me to advertise.
 Truth and Equality...I dig it.

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