Here's an interesting way to trick your friends. Will they believe you if you told them that you have a twin? Well if not...then show them some pictures of you and your twin...

I'll show you how to make this with Photoshop.

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Step 1: You'll need...

 - a camera with self timer
 - tripod or if you don't have use anything else which can hold the camera stand still
 - photoshop
 - haha :D

Step 2: Taking pictures

Picture of Taking pictures
Place the camera and set it to self timer. Take two pictures of yourself, but don't move the camera, just change your position and if you like you can change clothes.
Here are my pictures:

Step 3: Photoshop

1. Send the pictures to your PC.
2. Open them in Photoshop.
3. Select the second picture and place it over the first one. (Shortcuts: Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and on the first picture Ctrl+V)
4. Change the Opacity between 30 and 50% so you can see the two pictures.
5. Take the Eraser Tool, choose Soft brush (size your choice) and start to erase the silhouette on the picture which is above the background. Like you can see it become clearer.
6. Erase the parts which are going to be seen after the change of the opacity back to 100%. Be careful with the fingers. Erase them very carefully! The fingers are a little above the shoulder. Here's how to fix them...Copy the layer "with the fingers", select the finger and move them a little bit to the shoulder.
7. Zoom the picture and look carefully for unerased parts. Erase them there are some.

If there are shadows on the picture they must be seen too, so continue erasing... :)

When you like the picture change the opacity back to 100%. The picture looks more realistic now isn't it? If you haven't changed you clothes you can make some changes on the picture like I do. I changed some colors .

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ShivamS77 hours ago
calomichoxd made it!14 days ago

make it twin in one picture?

lthompson192 years ago
Interesting and amazing ...........
slu6alka (author)  rockerchandru2 years ago
Thank you!
zomfibame2 years ago
this is a funny idea. :)
thantose4 years ago

imran.bsa2 years ago
nice formatting
slu6alka (author)  idkwhoyoursisteris3 years ago
This is my virtual twin sister :) In the real life I don't have a twin sister...
An easier way to do the same thing is to use the layer masks. Also you want to make sure certain parts of the photos line up. That way you don't have to mask out the whole of one photo or the other. Also I'll often find a complex background to photograph "myselves" on. That way people are less likely to think that you photoshopped the photo.

You can see that I've done something similar to a photo of myself here:
I love it. Sweet
 No need to use a camera or use your whole body...  you can have all sorts of fun with a scanner and parts of your body:

Cool Effect!! but gross at the same time
Imagine being backhanded with that.
Creepy, and a bit Mandelbrot.
WOW! New movie Invasion of..."The Frog People"!

Creepy but amusing!

I wonder wha it would be like to feel with so many fingers *hmm*

Fantastic effect!, reminds me of coral
Wow--a human fractal! :-)
HAHAH!wow so smart!very cool too!
chrisre cat3 years ago
slu6alka (author)  chrisre cat3 years ago
No, it's not grass, it's just fleecy blank:)
Wi113 years ago
Nice job! A while ago I took a photography course where we did something similar.
slu6alka (author)  Wi113 years ago
Thanks :)
skyheart4 years ago
which photoshop did u download photoshop cs2
slu6alka (author)  skyheart4 years ago
Here I'm using CS 4, but if you don't have it you can use CS 2, too. Actually you can do it with almost all versions of Photoshop.
NatNoBrains4 years ago
The first image is my brother, the second image is me!
Jon's Twin!.JPGNat's Twin!.JPG
slu6alka (author)  NatNoBrains4 years ago
Good job :)
Thanks, I used GIMP.
ernestmac134 years ago
I don't know the best program, but this can be done with video as well. There are two college students who have done music videos, that are amazing.Look for Sam Tsui, and enjoy.
Obviously, video editing these days can make you think that anything is real!

spiffytech4 years ago
Very nice! To make it even more believable, adjust the brightness/contrast on the right person's sweatshirt so that the left person seems to cast a shadow on the right person. Your eye is looking for that shadow and adding it in (carefully) makes the Photoshopping harder to detect.
slu6alka (author)  spiffytech4 years ago
Thanks for the advice I'll try it ;)
ldb4774 years ago
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