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Who hasn't vacuum cleaned difficult areas of the house like stairs or the high edges of a wall and felt it was a bit uncomfortable to do with hose in one hand and vacuum cleaner in another? Okay, maybe, but suppose you have. Here's your solution: "The Makepiesnotsense Vacpack" It's your vacuum cleaner in a backpack.

Step 1: Materials & Tools.

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1)big unhandy vacuum cleaner
2)big useless backpack


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bigbubba1959 months ago

this is a nice invetion

mikee696 years ago
Bout time sombody Instructable a cordless extension lead! :)
theRIAA8 years ago
nice instructable... this would be great for when I detail cars, I just need a backpack
I saw a maid once, using a backpack vacuum, so they're on the market already made that way. But an instructable to make your own is much cooler. You probably can find a used backpack at a thrift store.
Backpack vacuums are definitely on the market, but they're too expensive! I needed one for my hardware floors- to touch-up vacuum without have to move everything around. So I bought one of these canister vacuums and picked up a used backpack @ the thrift store. A pair of heavy duty scissors and 10 minutes later, my backpack vac was ready to go. Great idea, submitter. Thanks!
omnibot6 years ago
Cool idea.
If you ever run out of bags for it here's my Reusable Dustbag for VacuumcleanerReusable Dustbag for Vacuumcleaner
I have a small car battery with a 3000 watt inverter rigged to be carried on my back. Weighs about 30 pounds, not counting the electric chainsaw...
twocvbloke7 years ago
Personally, I just attatct the carry handle & shoulder strap onto my Kirby and sling it over my shoulder and I'm off to the stairs!!! :D (Of course, I plug it in first... :P )
alexsolex8 years ago
what about the air blown from the vacuum cleaner ? I'm pretty sure your vaccum will become dangerously hot ! You may cut a part of the bag where the air blow, and sew some "aero textile" (don't know the english word for this !)
makepiesnotsense (author)  alexsolex8 years ago
see air hole.
(every vacuum cleaner is individual, so you've got to find out where the air escapes from yours, then cut a hole according to your detection)
Dash-28 years ago
Portable power would be a really cool addition! Great job!
:-|... i thaught this would be portable run on battery power" :-( well it is still cool..i guess .