Who hasn't vacuum cleaned difficult areas of the house like stairs or the high edges of a wall and felt it was a bit uncomfortable to do with hose in one hand and vacuum cleaner in another? Okay, maybe, but suppose you have. Here's your solution: "The Makepiesnotsense Vacpack" It's your vacuum cleaner in a backpack.

Step 1: Materials & Tools.

1)big unhandy vacuum cleaner
2)big useless backpack

<p>Steps quite specific guidelines. Consumers can refer to when planning to buy a portable vacuum cleaner</p>
<p>this is a nice invetion</p>
Bout time sombody Instructable a cordless extension lead! :)
nice instructable... this would be great for when I detail cars, I just need a backpack
I saw a maid once, using a backpack vacuum, so they're on the market already made that way. But an instructable to make your own is much cooler. You probably can find a used backpack at a thrift store.
Backpack vacuums are definitely on the market, but they're too expensive! I needed one for my hardware floors- to touch-up vacuum without have to move everything around. So I bought one of these canister vacuums and picked up a used backpack @ the thrift store. A pair of heavy duty scissors and 10 minutes later, my backpack vac was ready to go. Great idea, submitter. Thanks!
Cool idea.<br/>If you ever run out of bags for it here's my <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Reusable_Dustbag_for_Vacuumcleaner/">Reusable Dustbag for Vacuumcleaner</a>Reusable Dustbag for Vacuumcleaner<br/>
I have a small car battery with a 3000 watt inverter rigged to be carried on my back. Weighs about 30 pounds, not counting the electric chainsaw...
Personally, I just attatct the carry handle & shoulder strap onto my Kirby and sling it over my shoulder and I'm off to the stairs!!! :D (Of course, I plug it in first... :P )
what about the air blown from the vacuum cleaner ? I'm pretty sure your vaccum will become dangerously hot ! You may cut a part of the bag where the air blow, and sew some "aero textile" (don't know the english word for this !)
see <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/SLR45N0F1B3RERO/">air hole</a>. <br/>(every vacuum cleaner is individual, so you've got to find out where the air escapes from yours, then cut a hole according to your detection)<br/>
Portable power would be a really cool addition! Great job!
:-|... i thaught this would be portable <em>run on battery power&quot; :-( well it is still cool..i guess .</em><br/>

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