This instructable will show u how to make a meat cake made from ground beef, mashed potatoes kechup or A1 steak sauce, and worchester sauce this was from -Black Widow Bakery
http://www.blackwidowbakery.com/demo/meatcake/ i posted the pictures from there srry its basically her idea i just wante dto show every1 dont hate me =(

Step 1: Preparing the Ground Beef

ok here is the fun part. Mash your ground beef until you get the right consistentsy that is right for u.
Then put into 3 foil cake pans (diameter doesnt mater)
Hahahahahahahaha I just told my mom I want a meat-cake for my birthday like a month ago. This is awesome.
How do you serve the meat cake warm without drying out the creamed potatoes?
worchester or worchestire? (i cant spell that)
actually pronounced wuss-stur-sher or wuhsher...I know, crazy.
Yeah thats it.
I was wondering what cake to give my kat for her birthday... Now I Know!!
the nicest cake that i don't want to eat, but it's very interesting to have it as a birthday gift.
I now officially know what this year's birthday cake is going to be made of. Just when I thought cake couldn't be improved, BAM!
Blackwidowbakery did a great job on this. I'm gonna have to make one.<br/><br/>More meatcake goodness:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://meatcake.ytmnd.com/">http://meatcake.ytmnd.com/</a><br/><br/>That song is strangely hypnotic...<br/>
Hahahha i laughed at that for minutes :p The song is great..
very good gourmet cooking...time consuming..maybe good for a party or impress ur girlfriend...it ought to be tasty though with all the sauce
hehehe...i just picked the last of em out...the crabs that is...did u no that they tr extremely flamable???
The pictures and concept are fantastic. The words around them are horrific.
Hiya. I don't hate you, but could you fix this site? A lot of your instructions are wrong, and someone trying to follow this would get a confused, gross mess. If anything, just take the words from my site. (I call it a paper round on my site. It's not a food skirt. If you're going to steal my work, at least steal it properly) ..Sorry to be catty, but I really don't appreciate you taking my work and calling it your own. I'm happy that my site's been shared, but it's still presented here as yours.
meat cake... naughty!!!
Credit your sources (as mje said in the last step):<br/><br/>&quot;These pictures all came from <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.blackwidowbakery.com/demo/meatcake/">http://www.blackwidowbakery.com/demo/meatcake/</a> &quot;<br/>
Thanks, love, for sticking up for me. :D
And if your going to take someone else's idea, supply the recipe correctly too. This is supposed to be Meatloaf, not big fat hamburgers. If you'd tried it with your instructions, you'd have ended up with nothing more than a mess.
Hi. This is my idea. Specifically, these are my pictures. I appreciate spreading the joy of the meatcake, but I'd really appreciate a little credit. Thanks.<br/><br/>-Black Widow Bakery<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.blackwidowbakery.com/demo/meatcake/">http://www.blackwidowbakery.com/demo/meatcake/</a><br/>
I logged on to say how simply horrific this sounds. thank you.
y dos this come up if ya type in knex guns on da search?!
SWEET, sort of, seems more salty than sweet, any who, i can see a veggitarian's birthday gone psycho. Cool. One question, what does this have to do with things like knex, LEDs, skateboards, nanos, and ipods.
This looks amazing! I am in awe.
Actually, I'm now imagining a wine-reduction glaze for the top instead of ketchup. That might actually fool people for a while.
These pictures all came from <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.blackwidowbakery.com/demo/meatcake/">http://www.blackwidowbakery.com/demo/meatcake/</a><br/>

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