Make your very own fantastical Pencil Tube! I, being a high school student, am one of those people that can not hold onto a writing utensil for more than two classes. However, under the guidance of the deity-esque Pencil Tube I was able to go for an entire month without losing a single pencil. However, some largely proportioned jerk decided to sit on my majestic pencil tube, snapping it into pieces. So I decided to make a new one, and an instructable to go with it!

This is my first instructable so do enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

-A Street Address
You need a street address for the nice people at ClearTec to deliver for free sample of plastic mailing tubes.

For insertion into the pencil recepticle.

For making the incision in the pencil tube cap.
It has been two months since I ordered that set of plastic tubes...
Nice, I love free things. I wouldn't build this because I typically use a variety of pens and pencils each day, but it's a good idea. Useful especially for SAT's.
Just ordered some tubes, see how it goes. There were no issues with business name?
I ordered under the guise of my grandfathers company. They didn't do any checks or anything so it should be find. They will probably send a follow up email, but just respond with the information they need and everything should be fine.
What I did was I put N/A on the company name.
Ah, I see. I just wrote Drafting Services, because I ordered 3 tubes, 18" x 3 1/2" dia. for holding 18" x 24" construction documents rolled up. They sent a confirmation, not sure if it was auto-response or not.
You might not receive the exact amount to order, I ordered 5 and received 2.
Still haven't received them yet, how long did yours take?
A week and a half to two weeks.
oh man, i don't know about pencil tubes, but i am definitely interested in those plastic tubes they're offering for free, iv already ordered a batch of 10, 1"x12" thick walled tubes, i'm excited! i'm going to use at least one as a see thru tube for a mini spud gun, that way when it ignites, i can see the flash! and they say that my shipment is on the way! il post when i get 'em!
Cool! I was going to add a step on other applications but I thought that there were too many to list. Wouldn't combustion melt small plastic tubes though? And remember, they're just samples. I ordered five and only received two.
oh my god, i had better get more than 2 tubes, otherwise im going to be ordering an assload more... nothing you cant do with plastic tubes... as for a spudgun, its only a quick flash of combustion, its not enough to actually melt the plastic. man, that just upset me right there, i want my plastic tubes dammit!!
If you find another source to actually purchase them not in quantities of 1000 let me know.
for sure man, because i am definitely going to look for them... although i doubt that il be able to find them without actually buying them retail without something inside them...

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