Hey Everyone. I have been pining over motorized camera sliders for over a year now. Most sliders online cost over $1000. I just happened to chance upon this Makeblock option and took the plunge. Building the kit was a blast BUT instructions with the kit and online are none existent. So I figured I would share my journey with the world...HERE IT IS.

Step 1: Tools

Order kit at: http://www.makeblock.com/activity/camera-slider-ro...

I got my delivered for under $200 so you may have to wait for a sale.


A small allen key is probably the only tool that you may have to look around for, everything else is standard tool box fare.

Step 2: Connect Feet

Connect feet to slider bar

Step 3: Build Carriage

Insert nuts into frame and install stand-offs

Step 4: Mount Motor

Mount the motor and install the drive belt

Step 5: Pat Yourself on the Back

Construction should be all done. Tidy up the project and cable tie wires.

Step 6: Program This Bad Boy

Ok...so this is probably the most challenging part. Download the software from MakeBlock called Mblock. Install and connect your MegaPi. It is a breeze to visually program. Take a look at what I used for a starting point.

That's it...Enjoy

<p>Hi, thanks for your tutorial. I've one question, do you know wich is the maximum weight that the slider supports? My camera set is over 2Kgs. I want know if this is OK before buying.</p><p>Thanks!</p>

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