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Introduction: MakeBlock Motorized Camera Slider

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Hey Everyone. I have been pining over motorized camera sliders for over a year now. Most sliders online cost over $1000. I just happened to chance upon this Makeblock option and took the plunge. Building the kit was a blast BUT instructions with the kit and online are none existent. So I figured I would share my journey with the world...HERE IT IS.

Step 1: Tools

Order kit at:

I got my delivered for under $200 so you may have to wait for a sale.


A small allen key is probably the only tool that you may have to look around for, everything else is standard tool box fare.

Step 2: Connect Feet

Connect feet to slider bar

Step 3: Build Carriage

Insert nuts into frame and install stand-offs

Step 4: Mount Motor

Mount the motor and install the drive belt

Step 5: Pat Yourself on the Back

Construction should be all done. Tidy up the project and cable tie wires.

Step 6: Program This Bad Boy this is probably the most challenging part. Download the software from MakeBlock called Mblock. Install and connect your MegaPi. It is a breeze to visually program. Take a look at what I used for a starting point.

That's it...Enjoy



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    great video! I didn't know that you could run DC into those High Output ports! You should check out the AccelStepper library. The motor will ramp up and down based on their code, its incredible.

    Hi, thanks for your tutorial. I've one question, do you know wich is the maximum weight that the slider supports? My camera set is over 2Kgs. I want know if this is OK before buying.