Step 3: Animated Avatars

Picture of Animated Avatars
Well this is the best type of avatar and a fun way to show a small movie scene, a act or a animation of you edited.

Step 1
Open you favorite image editing program and copy and paste a image you want to animate, or a drawing.

Step 2
After you have loaded the first image save it as 1. the open a new canvas and make the second frame of the animation, save as 2 and so on tot he other frames.

Step 3
After you have all you image avatars and your made the final touches you will have to open up your web browser and go to http://www.iaza.com/ load image and click on the animate link and upload your photos and set your frame to the speed desired and whether to loop or not. Then click save and the preview should appear. then click on the preview and right click and save image as.

Step 4
Upload to your forum or website which you want to use it on and yeah your forum mate would love it.