Internet forums are where its at. But you can't just join a forum and expect to be top dog just like that. You've got to show you have what it takes. The first thing you need when you join a forum is an avatar. In this Instructable, I will be showing you how to create your very own avatar using Inkscape.

Step 1: Select your Image

First you are going to want to select an image. This can be of anything you'd like, but you might think about basing the image you choose off of the screen name you use in the forum. For my avatar, I chose to use an image I had created a while ago.
I found that the web site avatardr.com does it very quick and easy.
This is true. Well at least the photo part. For text you still need a program of some sort.
Ms paint can also do this but i Will fire up photoshop for anything =P<br/>
hahaha way to make a featured article completely unnecessary with one post. lmao
Nice instructable. However, you might consider cropping the image to the square format, so that the aspect ratio remains intact. I would also suggest using a shadow under the text, at the moment it is not legible very well.
ha...pretty sweet

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