For all you little rockers, the time has come to start your gar(b)age band with this Makedo project. No percussionist is complete without a tambourine, shakers and of course their lead guitarist so start gathering materials from your recycle bin and start jamming.

And if the pursuit of a life of rock and roll’ for your kid scares the bejesus out of you, how about a marching band, African drum group, classical orchestra or even nursery rhyme group? The musical possibilities using reclaimed materials are endless.

For inspiration, check out these very talented kids from a recycled orchestra in Paraguay playing very impressive renditions of Mozart from garbage! It’s an old favourite of ours. You can learn about their repurposing philosophy at Treehugger.com http://www.treehugger.com/culture/orchestra-paraguay-makes-beautiful-music-trash.html

Click the image below for instructions on how to make our drum.  Upload your pictures on our facebook page of your Makedo musical adventures for your chance to win our Maker of the Month competition.

Step 1: Find

Source materials from around your home. We’ve used disposable bowls and plates to make the drum shell and ribbon to decorate the rims.
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