Introduction: Makedo Catapult

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We are massive fans of Angry Birds. Who isn’t? So in honor of the most popular game of the century, we created this Angry Birds inspired Catapult out of recycled materials and Makedo parts available at

Watch the video to see the birds in action.

Step 1: Find

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Source tea boxes and an egg carton to make your bird and pig characters. For the catapult you will need a tissue box, a paper tube cut in half, a plastic lid, a cd and an elastic band.

Step 2: Punch & Connect

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To create the catapult, punch a hole in the ends of your paper tube. On the top of  your paper tube, connect a lid using Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips. This is where you will launch your Angry Birds. Connect a Re-pin to the bottom hole. This is the other end to loop the elastic when the tube is positioned in the tissue box.

Step 3: Hinge

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Connect the paper tube to the tissue box using a Makedo Hinge, Re-pins and Re-clips. The hinge will give the catapult its swinging movement.

Step 4: Connect

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Use the Makedo Safe-saw and punch a hole in the side of the tissue box, below the catapult. Place a Makedo Re-pin through the hole and connect an elastic band from the inside of the tissue box. Loop the elastic band over the bottom of the catapult arm.

Step 5: Build

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To make your Angry Birds characters, cut up the egg carton to make features for its eyes and beak. Use the point end of the Makedo Safe-saw to punch a hole in the small tea box and egg carton eyes. Connect the carton eyes to the body using Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips.

Step 6: Build

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To make the Green Pigs, cut out a cardboard nose in an oval shape and use Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips to connect to the body.

Step 7: Draw

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To give your Birds and Pigs more character, draw eyes and add other features such as eyebrows to them.

Step 8: Complete

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Your Angry Birds are now ready to be launched! Use boxes from around your home to stack into towers that the Green Pigs can hide in. But not for long...


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-05-18

You know what, proofrabbit said exactly what I wanted to! Very cute idea!

Thanks! :D

ChrysN (author)2012-05-18

Fun! The birds are so cute.

poofrabbit (author)2012-05-18

HA! This is super cute nice work!

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