Keep your desk organised with this neat (in more ways than one) desk tray.

This simple creation made from up-cycled cardboard is designed so you can create, stack and join as many trays on top of each other as you like.

To make one tray, all you need is two Makedo Re-clips, some cardboard (keep the boxes that copy paper comes in), the template we’ve provided with these instructions, a ruler and cutting device.

We have provided two templates. One is a laser cut template and the other is a printable A4 sheet pattern.

Step 1: Find

Source cardboard from around your home. We’ve used cardboard from an open packaging box.
<p>Great idea. It is however better to modify the tray design to avoid overlapping and punching. The trays can be glued inside a separate cardboard box for more stability.</p>
That's fantastic - perfect for low budgets!
I love this! It is really effective and so practical. I am off to find some cardboard....
this is a very ingenious(?) Idea!!<br><br>and to think that the sky is the limit as to how many you can stack/how big you can make it.....I LOVE IT!!! <br><br>TY for sharing!!!
GENIUS! I will definitely be doing this when I get some extra boxes =)
Very very good. Nice job, and well done.
Thank you! This is definite project for my landfill of a desk!
clear, smart, easy to follow, a real help for those times where one's on the move or on a tight budget (or both), practical &hellip;<br>all in all a real <br>congratulations&hellip; from &quot;instructables;dot;com&quot;
Thank you!
Get Job!!! Far more appealing than my organizer. I stacked and taped 4 UPS Next day boxes , cut for an opening. Free and Good to go. :)
Excellent use of UPS boxes! nice work! :D
This is a nice Instructable, easy to follow and the pictures are very clear. I look forward to making this.<br>

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