Step 4: Fold

Fold along the scored lines and slowly your tray should take form.
<p>Great idea. It is however better to modify the tray design to avoid overlapping and punching. The trays can be glued inside a separate cardboard box for more stability.</p>
That's fantastic - perfect for low budgets!
I love this! It is really effective and so practical. I am off to find some cardboard....
this is a very ingenious(?) Idea!!<br><br>and to think that the sky is the limit as to how many you can stack/how big you can make it.....I LOVE IT!!! <br><br>TY for sharing!!!
GENIUS! I will definitely be doing this when I get some extra boxes =)
Very very good. Nice job, and well done.
Thank you! This is definite project for my landfill of a desk!
clear, smart, easy to follow, a real help for those times where one's on the move or on a tight budget (or both), practical &hellip;<br>all in all a real <br>congratulations&hellip; from &quot;instructables;dot;com&quot;
Thank you!
Get Job!!! Far more appealing than my organizer. I stacked and taped 4 UPS Next day boxes , cut for an opening. Free and Good to go. :)
Excellent use of UPS boxes! nice work! :D
This is a nice Instructable, easy to follow and the pictures are very clear. I look forward to making this.<br>

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