You’ll have a real hoot with this creation! To make an owl with wide staring eyes we’ve used egg cartons, cardboard and foil trays along with Makedo parts available from mymakedo.com

Step 1:

To make your Egg Carton Owl, source materials such as foil trays for the eyes and egg cartons for the body and other features. We will also reuse card from the Babbaco box for the Owl’s wings.
You can make a slot on the top of the head and make a hole on the bottom. <br> <br>Put a bottle cap in the hole and it's a owl bank!
Briliant! I love this, got us thinking on what other money bank creations we could make. Thanks for the hot tip!
Oh how cute. And the kiddies will love this too. ;) <br>But you know what? It kind of reminds me of those funny yellow creatures in the &quot;Despicable Me&quot; movie. :D
Ha! it does too. I like it :)
Whoooo wouldn't want to make this?!
Glad you think it's a hoooooot

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