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Introduction: Makedo Equestricycle Hack

Hack your ride this weekend. If there’s something you really really want, we say: Don’t wait for it to come to you - chase it, go MAKE it!
With a little imagination, some cardboard and Makedo, you can turn those old wheels into a fleet-footed speed machine in under half an hour. 

Step 1: Sketch

To pimp your bike, the first step is to lay out your cardboard and sketch out the shape of a horse head, tail and leg in profile (side view).

Step 2: Cut

Cut out your drawn templates. You will need to cut two identical pieces of each body part.

Step 3: Connect

To create the head, place the two pieces of cardboard on either side of the bike. Connect them together using Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips, ensuring that the vertical stem of the bike is sandwiched between the two cardboard profiles. Don’t forget to connect the nose of the horse with a Makedo Re-pin and Re-clip.

Step 4: Build

Continue to connect the remaining features of the horse using Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips as shown in the image. Ensure the tail end and the legs are attached securely and do not interfere with the bicycle wheel.

Step 5: Eyes

Now for the exciting part. Give your horse some character by connecting bottle lids as eyes using Makedo connectors.

Step 6: Maine Build

To create the maine, cut up toilet tube rolls diagonally and connect them along the horse’s neck using Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips.

Step 7: Accessorise

To complete decorations to the head, add a bridle made from ribbon across its nose and tie one end to each side of the bicycle handle bars.

Step 8: Ready to Go!

Now it’s time to giddy-up, let’s go for a ride on our Equestricycle!
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    I want to make this except have it be a Rainbow Dash.

    wow my daughter would love that!

    It would be much cooler if you could somehow get the legs of the horse to move as the bike is pedaled.

    Great idea, easy and very gimmicky.
    I propose a contest of templates for bikes.

    Very cool, used to remind me of when I had bike parades at school when i was younger. Though your idea is a little safer then mine was, as a side note: model rocket engines are not a good idea to put in wheel spokes....

    No, but model rocket engines are a lot of fun on plastic army jeeps and tanks! Well, until the dry grass catches on fire and you have a large black spot where your parents lawn used to be ;)
    There's no hiding that one.... but we tried!

    I love these makedo clips. As a kid I remember 'modifying' our bicycles with cardboard engines and gas tanks to look like "easy rider" Harleys. These clips would have made it easier and probably would have held up longer then the masking tape we used.. Very cool post!